Vaping: Are The Vultures Circling

It is now relatively common to see people smoking electronic cigarettes and indeed we now do not think anything of it. Indeed, there are now more places that have banned normal cigarettes being smoked that more and more people are switching to vaping just to get their nicotine fix no matter where they are. However, even though they were deemed to be legal to smoke anywhere, it does appear to be the case that the government may be about to tackle the e-cig industry. The first move actually happened in 2010 when the courts allowed the FDA to categorize electronic cigarettes in the same way as they do with the traditional version.

More States in the US are making it illegal to sell any product related to e-cigs to minors, although why that should even be up for debate is unknown, but it is more about the moves to tackle the selling and marketing of these products that are perhaps the biggest cause for concern.

First, they are asking every single manufacturer to provide them with a complete list of all of the ingredients that are used in their products. They are also requesting warnings to be added to the products to alert people to the fact that nicotine is addictive and the sale of the products to minors would also be toughened up. This does not sound too bad and should not have that much of an impact on the average person, but it is feared that this will only be the start.

You see the problem here is that by allowing these changes to take place it makes it easier for the FDA to then make further requests for changes including how it is advertised, with potential bans for TV adverts, as well as them looking specifically at the different flavors that are on offer. It is feared that they may try to restrict the flavors and will ban those that could be seen as being more attractive to minors.

The problem they have with electronic cigarettes is that the companies, and the major tobacco companies are involved in this, have a tendency to make the devices look quite cool and of course that will then draw in youngsters who believe that they are not going to be as harmful as normal cigarettes. You can kind of understand why they want to reduce the appeal to kids, but they could never stomp out the appeal of normal cigarettes no matter how hard they tried. Removing flavors such as cola or bubble gum may help, but only in a very small way that will be barely noticeable. Perhaps instead of focusing on this, the FDA should be trying to understand more about the long-term impact on the health of the person that is into vaping. We still do not know if it can still cause all of the same diseases and illnesses, so maybe working this out would be a better use of their resources rather than trying to burst the bubble that the world of electronic cigarettes has been living in for a few years.