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For those who want to quit smoking or at least find a safer, less expensive means of smoking, the V2 Cigs have proven to be one of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market today. V2 Cigs offer the nicotine delivery system of tobacco cigarettes, but without the carcinogens that can cause cancer.

In addition to offering one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market in terms of price, quality and design, V2 Cigs have certainly built an outstanding reputation in the vaping community, but how does the product itself hold up against the competition. While the V2 is not without its flaws, but even the best e-cigs have their limitations.

Electronic cigarettes like the V2 Cigs consist of a battery and cartomizer in the shape of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The V2 Cigs look enough like tobacco cigarettes that only an up close inspection will reveal the visual difference. V2 Cigs use the battery to activate the atomizer when the cartridge is inhaled just like a tobacco cigarette. The atomizer heats the liquid container which has nicotine and flavor elements and turns them into water vapor that is inhaled.

V2 Cigs have starting kits that begin as low as $24.95 and can be shipped worldwide. From the economy to the deluxe kits, the V2 Cigs are well represented in terms of what they provide the customer. The Standard Kit for example comes with 2 batteries, a wall and USB chargers and 10 refill cartridges which can last up to two weeks before you need to order refill cartridges. You can upgrade to the Ultimate Kit which includes the portable carrying case and 25 cartridges if you wish.

For those who are just starting out, the economy kits may be the best value as you get a full sampling of what V2 Cigs offer without having to empty your wallet. Certainly one of the most outstanding features of the V2 Cigs is the lifetime warranty offered on all of their products save for the refill cartridges. This means that if you keep purchasing V2 Cigs products and any component other than the refill cartridges fail, you can return them and get a replacement for free. This allows you to save money on the V2 Cigs in the long run when batteries or other element of the product fails.

Another positive feature of the V2 Cigs is that all of their e-liquids are fully tested for any toxins or contaminants. This means that the elements contained in the flavor liquid is cleared of any toxins that might have a negative effect on the body. For those looking at a healthier way to get smoking pleasure, the V2 Cigs goes the extra mile to achieve those results. Perhaps one of the most pleasing features about the V2 Cigs is the very low, economical price of their refill cartridges when purchased in bulk. Most electronic cigarette companies make the bulk of their profits by selling refill cartridges that customers prefer over having to refill the ones they already have. V2 Cigs actually cuts some of their profit making potential by offering a discount when ordering in bulk.

Overall, the V2 Cigs are one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today and well worth seeking out. Save money when you use the V2 Cigs discount code above!