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The self described “America’s Number #1 e-Cigarette” Smoke Relief is certainly one of the most popular brands available in the US today.

Smoke Relief is an electronic cigarette that uses a battery and cartridge in the shape of a tobacco cigarette, but instead places the nicotine inside a liquid flavor container. The smoker inhales on one end of the cartridge which activates the atomizer inside that heats the liquid, turning into water vapor. There are no carcinogens in Smoke Relief and it is safe to use in public places.

Smoke Relief comes in a number of flavors, including coffee and several others that provide a welcome change of pace from traditional tobacco. What helps set Smoke Relief apart from most of the competition is that the size of the e-cigs is slightly larger which actually makes them easier to handle. However, they are more readily spotted by passersby as not being a tobacco cigarette.

The Starter Kit for the Smoke Relief product consists of the following:

  • Deluxe Carrying Case
  • USB charger and cable
  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries
  • 5 tobacco flavored cartridges
  • 5 cartridges with flavors chosen by the customer

The USB cable and charger means that this product can be charged in the same manner as an iPhone or laptop if necessary. Furthermore, the 2 batteries work in tandem as one can be recharging while the other is in use.

There are also a wide range of flavors to choose from with Smoke Relief which include the following:

  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla
  • Menthol
  • Peach
  • Cappuccino
  • Cherry and more

The flavors are strong, but not overpowering which makes for a more pleasant smoking experience and great change of pace as well. The flavors can be ordered in refill cartridges to suit your own taste.

Smoke Relief is both versatile and long lasting with cartridges that are the equivalent of up to 25 tobacco cigarettes. For those who are looking at cutting back on their smoking budget, Smoke Relief offers a powerful alternative that can save a great amount of money over the long term.

However, Smoke Relief is also perfect for those who want to quit smoking as well. The great failure of nicotine patches and gum is that the oral fixation of smoking is not addressed. With Smoke Relief, the smoker feels more relaxed as the amount of nicotine is gradually dialed back until the body no longer craves it. This makes it much easier for smokers to quit the habit while saving money and eliminating the risk of inhaling the carcinogens contained in tobacco products.

Overall, Smoke Relief offers a sound, solid product that is well priced with plenty of different flavors. Smoke Relief offers customers e-cigs that are long lasting, easy to operate and maintain and have the feel of smoking a cigarette without exposing themselves or anyone else to the dangerous carcinogens of tobacco products.

We can highly recommend Smoke Relief to those looking to quit smoking or keep the habit while saving their money and protecting their health from exposure to tobacco products. Save money when you use the Smoke Relief discount code above!