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The Sky Cig e-cigarette has certainly garnered attention recently for its relatively low initial price and simple features. On the surface, the Sky Cigs are similar in design to the Blu Cigs which are popular outside the UK.

The Sky Cig is a standard representative of electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. An e-cig simulates tobacco smoking without the use of tobacco products. Thus, there are no carcinogens that might cause lung cancer. An e-cig consists of a cartridge containing flavoring liquid that includes nicotine, an atomizer and battery. When you inhale on the Sky Cig, the atomizer heats the liquid which produces water vapor that is pulled into the lungs. The Sky Cig is safe to use in public areas and creates no danger for those around you. Use the SkyCig discount code above and save!

The Sky Cig e-cigarette kit comes with the following;

–          2 Batteries

–          1 Pack of Cartomizers

–          USB & Wall Charger

–          Portable Charging Case

What separates the Sky Cig in terms of function compared to many other electronic cigarettes is the fact that the USB and Wall charger only charge the portable case. This means that you can only charge the batteries through the case and not directly with the USB or Wall charger. This means that if the case goes out, you have no way of charging the batteries.

Operating the Sky Cig system is pretty straightforward. Once you get the starting kit, charge up the case with a battery attached. The charging process starts the moment the unit is plugged in. Once it is charged, you can detach the battery and put it into a cartridge and you are ready to smoke. A single charge can get you up to five full uses of a Sky Cig e-cigarette before it needs recharging.

There are five flavors that come with the sample pack of Sky Cigs which are meant for you to choose from when re-ordering. Of the five flavors contained, two are tobacco and menthol, cherry and vanilla. The overall Sky Cig starter kit costs around 50 pounds which rates reasonably well, if not lower than many other brands.

It must be stated that a pack of refill cartridges costs roughly 9 pounds which means that while you will be saving some money compared to regular tobacco smoking, it’s not as much as you would save if you chose a competitive product such as the V2 Cigs. Overall, the Sky Cigs do provide a lower initial cost which may work very well for those intending to quit. However, if you are not planning to quit then you will need to take into account the refill cartridge price of the Sky Cigs.

The Sky Cigs offer decent flavor and good refill options which puts it squarely in the middle of the pack when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Whether you purchase the Sky Cig will depend in large part on your intentions to continue smoking, however it can be stated that the Sky Cig is easy to use, simple to recharge and order new refill cartridges. Save money when you use the SkyCig discount code above!