Is San Diego Taking The Lead?

It appears as if the first real steps by a city to regulate electronic cigarettes have been taken after the city council of San Diego recently voted in certain laws. What they have done is look at regulating the sale of these items along with placing some restrictions on where and how they can be used. The general consensus is that the regulations will follow along the same lines as for existing tobacco products and that in itself is a concern.

Their argument is that the youth are now looking at using these e-cigs as they believe them to be healthier and they look cool and of course that could eventually lead to a major problem. The city council argue that people are basically using them anywhere and why should you be in various indoor spaces and somebody is vaping next to you when we actually do not know what any potential long term effects may be?

Councilors believe that up until this point, electronic cigarettes have been far too accessible to children and have been made to look too attractive to them as well. Now, shops that sell them will be forced to apply for a police permit and there will be restrictions on products related to vaping being sold in vending machines. You should also expect further attempts at restricting the advertising and promoting of these products as this was initially on the agenda before being changed at the last minute.

The outcome of these changes to the legislation is that you will no longer be able to use an electronic cigarette in a whole host of locations and that list is the same as it is for any tobacco related product. You will not be able to use them on the beach or in a park, but there are no restrictions on inside vehicles, special vaping lounges, and of course in your own home.

These changes will undoubtedly create a new argument between those for vaping and those against the entire idea. Clearly those that support vaping will argue that a number of people have successfully managed to quit smoking normal cigarettes due to switching to this kind of product, so why should then then be further punished when they have done something that is better for their health? On the other hand, people against it will still argue that we do not know what is going to happen to our health further down the line due to the products still being relatively new, so surely we should not take any risks at this moment in time?

The other thing that you need to keep in mind is that this is just in San Diego, but other cities will be watching what is going on here in order to determine if they too should be making changes to their own legislation and to restrict how electronic cigarettes should be sold and used. This is certainly a story that is going to rumble on for some time and there is no way of knowing which way it will all turn out.