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Of the many electronic cigarettes on the market today, the ROK is one of the more interesting brands. Based on a system similar to the Sky Cig, ROK tries to strike the balance between cost, convenience and variety when it comes to e-cigs. The ROK electronic cigarette is a tobacco-free form of smoking or “vaping” as some have described the experience. An e-cig is shaped in the same manner as a tobacco cigarette, but instead uses a plastic cartomizer that holds an atomizer and nicotine in a flavor liquid. A battery attaches to the end of the atomizer which heats the liquid when a smoker draws in on the ROK e-cig. The heated liquid produces a water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs, simulating the effect of smoking without using tobacco. Use the ROK Universal discount code above and save!

The ROK Kit comes with the following items:

  • Portable and personal charging case
  • 2 Batteries
  • 5 Cartomizers
  • 1 USB & 1 Plug charger
  • Info card and Instructions

During testing, the batteries lasted for roughly 10 uses of the cartomizer, which basically means the equivalent of 10 tobacco cigarettes. The personal charging case, which is shaped similar to a tobacco cigarette pack, recharges the batteries when they are not in use. However, having two batteries is very nice since they can be switched when needed. This does mean that you need to have the personal case charged before you head out for the day. Plus, you will need to remove any fully charged batteries from the slot inside the personal charging case as this will drain the case battery. The individual batteries themselves are quite small which helps them replicate the actual size of a tobacco cigarette filter.

The batteries themselves do respond rather quickly which means a normal drag on the cartomizer is sufficient to heat the liquid and turn it into water vapor. The nicotine inside is in the same proportions as traditional tobacco cigarettes. If the intent is to quit smoking, then the nicotine amount can be adjusted downward until the body is weaned off the nicotine. The different flavors work quite well and there is enough variety to satisfy most tastes. From traditional tobacco to cherry, vanilla and coffee flavors, those who are interested in spicing up their smoking or vaping experience will find plenty to choose from. For smokers looking at either quitting or reducing the cost of their smoking habit, the ROK is certainly an electronic cigarette brand that’s worth looking at. The smaller design actually replicates the size of most tobacco cigarettes unlike much of their competition which generally has larger, less realistic looking cartomizers.

The overall performance of the ROK is quite exceptional and the convenience of the portable charging pack along with the five cartomizers and two batteries is excellent for those who are just starting on e-cigs. While the size matches standard tobacco cigarettes, that may actually be bothersome for those who are used to the larger e-cig models, but we found this to be a minor nit at best. Overall, we can heartily recommend the ROK as being one of the better models available. Save money when you use the ROK Universal discount code above!