Vype Review 2021
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The Vype Electronic Cigarette Company marks the first foray by a large tobacco firm such as British American Tobacco to develop an electronic cigarette device specifically for the UK market. I speculate that the root of the brand name comes from combining the words “vape” and “hype”. Products currently marketed by the hatchling company include: rechargeable 2-piece and disposable electronic cigarette devices. Rechargeable e-cigarettes also come packed in the form of starter kits offering everything necessary to begin vaping. Unlike the majority of electronic cigarette companies, Vype has chosen to concentrate its cartridge options on 3 rather conservative flavours (for now). This includes: Classic Flavour Bold, Classic Flavour Regular and Menthol Regular.

The firm offers a single electronic cigarette starter kits, appropriately named the Vype reload starter. This starter kit comes at a market price of £14.99, which includes: a portable carry case, 2 pre-charged assembled e-cigarettes (battery and cartomiser) and a USB charger. Those interested in a portable charging case will be disappointed as this kits case is of the non-charging variety. Users get the choice between all three flavours offered by the company in this kit. Let’s explore the Vype reload electronic cigarette starter kit further.

Reasons to Buy

  • Low Price
  • Flavour Quality

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Mediocre Vapour
  • No Warranty

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Vype Review – Aesthetics

The Vype reload electronic cigarette starter kit arrives in a very simplistic case consisting of the few components included. A tall black and white case houses the two fully assembled pre-charged electronic cigarette devices that’s accessible via a translucent flip top. The casing itself features the brand name and starter name in a cleanly integrated manner. The logo is printed onto the flip top and even the USB charge adapter features a top to protect the USB power end.

“two fully assembled pre-charged electronic cigarette devices that’s accessible via a translucent flip top”

Moving onto the actual electronic cigarette device, there isn’t much to distinguish it from the majority of e-cigarettes already on the market. A white battery and cork-coloured cartomiser comprise the device with a small printed company logo on the cartomiser. A subtle coloured ring on the cartomisers distinguishes between the various flavours offered. Although this is definitely a budget-considerate starter kit, everything seems to be of solid quality. This can be attributed to quality control efforts by their parent company, British American Tobacco. Overall, a decent looking e-cigarette kit for this price range.

Vype Review – Flavour & Vaping

As mentioned previously, Vype provides users with the option between three flavours. This focus on three flavours might be the best way to go considering the occasional over abundance of flavour options sold by competitors, which often lack anything of quality. Nevertheless, the three flavours currently offered include: Classic Flavour Bold, Classic Flavour Regular and Menthol Regular. Nicotine content for the three flavours are as follows: 16.8mg, 11.3mg and 11.4mg, respectively. The slight 0.1mg difference in nicotine concentration between the two regular cartridges makes the term somewhat misleading.

Vype’s electronic cigarette devices are no different from other 2-piece electronic cigarette device on the market. Vaping requires screwing together the cartomiser and battery into a single unit (when throwing on a new cartomiser). Since they come pre-assembled and pre-charged, all buyers of the starter kit are required to do is inhale on the proper end to get started. The Classic Flavour Regular produced a decent amount of vapour and had a satisfying flavour. Overall, a great budget priced electronic cigarette in terms of flavour and vapour production.

vype-cartomizer vype-disposable

Vype Review – Technical Features & Battery

vype-battery vype-case

The Vype reload electronic cigarette starter kit comes packed with a carrying case that while clever in its design has no charging capabilities. This would have been a great feature to have especially for those that work away from a power supply for the majority of the day. Then again, this isn’t surprising considering the low price point of the reload starter kit.

vype-e-cig “carrying case that while clever in its design has no charging capabilities” Two batteries are included in the reload starter, which help to relieve any concerns of having to wait to vape while recharging a battery. Charging is accomplished by attaching the battery to the USB adapter and to a USB power source. It shouldn’t come as a shock that this bare bones e-cigarette kit does not include a mains adapter but one should be readily available from any general goods store (if you don’t have one already).

A 14-day return period is provided to give users confidence in the fledgling company. Those interested in returning their products must proceed by contacting the firm directly. Aside from their return policy, I was unable to uncover any type of expressed warranty.

Vype Review – About The Company

“marks the first foray by a large tobacco firm… to develop an electronic cigarette”During our Vype review we discovered that Vype Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2013 and is based out of Blackburn, Lancashire. CN Creative originally began the e-cig company, which was purchased in 2012 by major tobacco supplier, British American Tobacco. Potential customers and patrons can contact Vype customer service over the phone, by email, by snail mail, live chat or via a message form on the company’s main website.