Volcano Review 2021
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Founded less than 4 years ago, Hawaii-based Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes has flourished along with the electronic cigarette market as a whole. Volcano proudly advertises that their products are made in the U.S. despite being sold worldwide. They currently offer 4 starter kits: Magma cartomiser kit, Magma tank kit, Inferno starter kit and their Lavatube 2.0 tank kit. This review will focus specifically on the Volcano Inferno Starter kit, which has a current suggested market price of £49.99. Included in the Inferno starter kit are: 2 batteries, mini USB cable, mains adapter, tube tank setup, 5 cartomisers, 1 tube sock and 1 15ml v-liquid. The features and price point for the Inferno starter kit place it in a competitive position with starter kits offered by Green Smoke cigs and ROK Universal. However, those interested in Volcano products are likely looking for a refillable cartomiser alternative to the non-refillable cartomisers offered by Green Smoke and Rok.

Reasons to Buy

  • Refillable cartomisers
  • Universal accessories

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Bright battery colours
  • Reliability
  • Limited Warranty

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Volcano Review – Aesthetics

The Volcano Inferno starter kit arrived neatly packaged in a black top cardboard box with “The Inferno” printed. The color of the base indicates which color you’ve ordered and mine was a cherry red as I ordered the red battery model. Pulling off the top of the box reveals two batteries of different sizes (different mAh) as well as the tank tube pre-assembled with an acrylic drip tip and cartomiser. Although I’m not particularly fond of the clear tank and bright battery colours, I must admit that the electronic cigarette apparatus had a quality appearance.

“electronic cigarette apparatus had a quality appearance”

Inferno tank tubes were clear with silver rings and a silver cartomiser. Pulling off the top compartment exposes the rest of the contents. The mains adapter and USB cable appear generic but the “Inferno” branding on the adapter is a nice touch. 5 x 1.5 ohm cartomisers are also included in a smaller box as well as the necessary documentation you’d expect from an electronic cigarette.

Volcano Review – Flavour & Vaping

The Volcano Inferno v-liquids are offered in 4 nicotine strengths and 15 flavours. Nicotine strengths range from zero to strong (24mg/ml). I opted for the “full-flavored”, which contained 16 mg/ml nicotine content. Volcano offers the following flavours: Bluewater punch, cherry lava, Choconilla haze, Coocoo coconut, Grape Escape, Hawaiian expresso, Jungle fruit, Kawika’s kiwi, Kona coffee, menthol, menthol burst, milk chocolate, pineapple punch, Red hot lava, red wings, RY-four, Shaka strawberry, Sharks clove, tobacco, tobacco pure, vanilla bean and Waikiki watermelon. I chose the Bluewater Punch flavour, which left a palatable blueberry punch taste.

Vaping is accomplished by first pushing the cartomiser (inside the tank) out every so slightly to expose the interior of the tank. Next you must fill the tank with the vaping liquid to roughly ¾ while avoiding the interior of the cartomiser. Then push the cartomiser back into place, attach the drip tip and battery. Pressing the power button 5 times turns the unit ON allowing you to vape. Vaping was typical of comparable electronic cigarette units but reliability may be a concern from such a new company with exceedingly limited warranty.

volcano-e-cig-cartomizer volcano-e-cig-blanks

Volcano Review – Technical Features & Battery

volcano-battery “ON/OFF Switch: feature that’s beginning to trend” Two batteries are included in the Volcano Inferno Starter Kit, which are 650 and 950 mAh. The larger sized battery having the higher milliampere-hour rating. A convenient 5-click dual purpose ON/OFF button allows you to conserve battery life when not in use (a feature that’s beginning to trend in other brands). The pass-through batteries add an additional premium feature, which allows users to simultaneously charge their battery while vaping. Charge times were roughly the same for both batteries at 100 minutes. Observed battery life was sufficient as the shorter 650mAh lasted about 6 hours with the 950mAh lasting an entire day. Of course, users should note that these figures vary dramatically based on personal use.

volcano-e-cig-inferno Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes’ products carry a limited 1-year warranty that differs based on the nature of the product. However, atomizers, cartomisers, liquids and accessories are excluded from this warranty due to the fact that they’re consumable items. This leaves batteries, chargers and charging packs to be covered and is restricted to defects arising from proper use (no tampering, flooding, etc). Additionally, potential buyers should note that volcano e-cigs purchased with their free non-tracked shipping are also excluded. This leaves the buyer with little ground to file anything under their warranty.

Volcano Review – About The Company

“Founded less than 4 years ago”Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2009 in Hawaii, U.S.A. and has since become a globally known electronic cigarette manufacturer. Manufacturing and retail locations are now spread across the U.S., Southeast Asia and here in the UK. Volcano develops and distributes electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping accessories all in the United States. Customer Service can be reached via phone or email during business hours.