VIP Electronic Cigarette Review 2021
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Based out of Manchester, VIP Electronic Cigarette has experienced a boom in popularity alongside the general electronic cigarette industry. The recent media’s focus on the controversy surrounding e-cigarettes is mainly to blame for this boom. VIP offers a vast selection of electronic cigarettes, starter kits and accessories. In addition to traditional cartomizer flavours such as tobacco and menthol, VIP also offers coffee, strawberry and cherry.

A total of seven cartomizer electronic cigarette starter kits are currently offered. Those interesting in tank-based e-cig devices will also be delighted to learn that they offer two kits specifically for them. Although typically more costly at first, these tank e-cigarette systems will save users cash in the long run. Tank-less electronic cigarette starter kits range in market price from £20 to £69.98. Most users will find that VIP Electronic Cigarette’s Executive Starter Kit offers everything they need at a respectable price of £39.98. This starter includes: (1) lithium-ion rechargeable battery, (2) regular refills, (10) tobacco or menthol cartomizers, (1) USB charge adapter, and (1) Mains adapter. Comparable kits to this kit include the Green Smoke Pro and the E-Lites E-Pro 4 Starters. Let’s delve a bit deeper into how VIP’s Executive Starter compares to its competitors.

Reasons to Buy

  • Design

Reasons to Reconsider

  • One Battery
  • Lack of PCC

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VIP Electronic Cigarette Review – Aesthetics

The VIP E-Cigarette Executive Starter Kit comes with conveniently pre-charged batteries for out-of-the-box use. The included mains adapter and USB charge adapter are nothing out of the ordinary with the VIP logo embossed on both. The cartomizers are a solid cigarette orange colour with a silver screw end. The VIP battery included in the Executive Starter has a rather pleasant & quality appearance to it with evenly spaced silver rings encircling it.

“Executive Starter has a rather pleasant & quality appearance”

As is typically the case with electronic cigarettes, the brands logo can be found near the battery-cartomizer junction. A white cardboard box houses all twelve cartomizers, the USB adapter, mains adapter and battery. Unfortunately, VIP does not include a personal charge case with the Executive Starter Kit.

VIP Electronic Cigarette Review – Flavour & Vaping

Regarding cartomizer flavours, buyers are given the option between Tobacco and Menthol. Nicotine strength choices for the VIP E-Cigarette Executive Starter are restricted to strong (24mg), regular (16mg) or mild (11mg) for tobacco. Users that opt for the Menthol flavour are further limited, having to choose from either strong or regular nicotine strengths. VIP recommends that new users try out their 24mg nicotine strengths first.

The VIP Executive Starter is a two-piece electronic cigarette system that only requires users to screw the cartomizer into the battery for use. Vaping begins when the user inhales, causing the atomizer to heat up the e-liquid contained as well as turning on the LED battery light.

vip-electronic-cigarette-case vip-electronic-cigarette-cartomizer

VIP Electronic Cigarette Review – Technical Features & Battery

vip-electronic-cigarette-battery vip-electronic-cigarette-charger As mentioned previously, the Executive Starter Kit offered VIP does not include a personal charge case. This is rather disappointing since PCCs are becoming more prominent due to the obvious convenience of being able to charge on the go. The lack of a PCC along with only a single battery being included in this kit make it difficult for users to vape for an entire day without a fixed power supply.

Similar to other electronic cigarettes that use automatic batteries, users do not need to worry about when to turn on the device as the vaporizer is only on when a drag is detected. I recommend users planning that are on the road often to opt for the more expensive Platinum Starter Kit (market price £69.98) as it include a total of two batteries and a car adapter.

vip-electronic-cigarette-taurus “rather disappointing since PCCs are becoming more prominent” A 28-day limited warranty is offered by VIP Electronic Cigarette on products purchased through their website and is restricted to the original buyer. Cartomizers are not covered under this limited warranty due to their consumable nature as well as for health reasons. Electrical devices such as batteries, USB charge cables, car chargers and mains adapters carry the 28-day warranty so long as they are not tampered with or used improperly.

VIP Electronic Cigarette Review – About The Company

“website provides general electronic cigarette information”VIP is an electronic cigarette distributor was launched in 2009 and is currently based out of Manchester. The company’s comprehensive website provides general electronic cigarette information as well as the ability to order directly. VIP Electronic Cigarette is a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) that regulates the quality of the e-cigs sold by its members. Their customer support staff is available from 9-5:30pm Monday through Friday and can be reached either by phone or email.