Vapourlites Review 2021
6.8our score

Vapourlites is an electronic cigarette and accessories distributor with a distribution centre in Lancashire. Like most e-cigarette companies, the majority of their products are manufactured in China. Vapourlites currently sells disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes, the later of which is offered in the form of a starter kit. Buyers are given the choice between Menthol and Tobacco flavouring as well as what’s included in the kits. Prices of their starter kits begin at a market price of £15.99 and reach a ceiling price of £142.99 for their top of the line VL7T Premium Mega Kit. A total of four cartomiser flavours are available and include: tobacco, menthol, vanilla and cherry. Nicotine strengths range from 20mg to 0mg appropriately named: Super Max, Max, Classic, Lites and Zero.

With a market price of £15.99, the VL4T Tobacco Starter Kit offered by Vapourlites certainly appeals to buyers looking to give the relatively new company a try. The VL4T comes packaged with: (1) HG7 Polymer Lithium battery, (1) USB adapter and (1) tobacco cartomiser. Comparable kits offered by competitors include the E-Lites E40 Starter Kits. A quick comparison of these kits reveals that both kits offered are limited to one refill each. Let’s explore our Vapourlites review and see how the Vapourlites VL4T Tobacco Starter Kit stacks up against its competitors.

Reasons to Buy

  • Budget-friendly
  • Vapour produced

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Better options
  • Limited flavours

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Vapourlites Review – Aesthetics

A rather plain white cardboard box houses the Vapourlites VL4T Tobacco Starter, which is easily opened to reveal a fine print FAQ sheet and a separate sealed hard plastic package. With a font size of roughly 5, the included FAQ sheet seems to be designed for those with perfect vision or a magnifier handy. The sealed plastic case containing the assembled e-cig and USB charge adapter is somewhat difficult to open due to the hard plastic.

“didn’t care much for the overly large font of the flavour label”

It should come as no surprise that the included USB adapter looks eerily similar to ones offered by competitors since many are made in China. The rechargeable battery is somewhat pleasant in its appearance with a semi-glossy white battery and clear branding of the Vapourlites “V” logo. Clear labeling of the flavour and strength encircles the speckled yellow-orange battery. I didn’t care much for the overly large font of the flavour label. The fully assembled Vapourlites rechargeable e-cig has a solid weight to it but is nothing out of the ordinary.

Vapourlites Review – Flavour & Vaping

Vapourlites gives users the option between a total of four cartomiser flavour offerings and five nicotine strengths. Nicotine strengths range from Zero (0mg) to Super Max (20mg) with flavours: tobacco, menthol, vanilla and cherry. The “T” in the VL4T Tobacco Starter Kit comes from tobacco and buyers are given the option of their nicotine strength. Vapourlites advertises that the included cartomiser is equivalent to 40 traditional tobacco cigarettes but as with a lot of e-cig companies, this figure seems to be an exaggeration.

My personal experience with the Vapourlites VL4T cartomiser places this figure closer to about 20 tobacco cigarettes. After screwing the cartomiser into the battery, vaping is accomplished by inhaling. A blue LED at the battery tip lights up when users take a drag. I found that the Vapourlites VL4T rechargeable e-cigarette emitted a notable amount of vapour. The tobacco flavour with 16mg nicotine was a bit harsh but otherwise enjoyable.

vapourlites-case vapourlites-cartomizer

Vapourlites Review – Technical Features & Battery

vapourlites-disposable vapourlites-charger Users will find a rechargeable HG7 lithium ion battery included with the Vapourlites VL4T Tobacco Starter. This battery has a life cycle of roughly 1500 recharges and a blue LED tip. Recharging of the battery simply requires the user to screw the battery into the USB charge adapter and into a USB power source. Complete charging of the HG7 battery took about 2 ½ hours and lasted about half a day. Overall, the Vapourlites 2-piece rechargeable electronic cigarette is nothing impressive in what’s becoming a highly competitive market.

vapourlites-car-kit “life cycle of roughly 1500” A 100% “no quibble” guarantee is offered by Vapourlites on the majority of products purchased through its online storefront. Due to the consumable nature of cartomisers, they are excluded from any implied warranty coverage. Their no quibble policy stipulates that the buyer must notify Vapourlites within 60 days of receiving the unsatisfactory product in order to be eligible for a return.

Vapourlites Review – About The Company

“live customer support staff is available over the phone or via email”Vapourlites is a distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories with its main office in Seaham, Co. Durham. Their 16,000 square foot distribution and call centre is located in Lancashire. A live customer support staff is available over the phone or via email 8am – 8pm 7 days a week. Vapourlites is also a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, better known as ECITA, which regulates the quality of electronic cigarettes.