Vapouriz Review 2021
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Vapouriz is a distributor of electronic cigarettes based out of the United Kingdom. Founded in 2011, the company quickly expanded to serve a worldwide customer base covering everywhere from Brazil to Australia. Vapouriz provides a wide variety of e-cigarette products even extending to electronic cigars. Cartomiser flavours offered by Vapouriz include: Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Tobacco Gold, Cherry and Caramel Tobacco. Vapouriz keeps nicotine content options at a minimum with only a regular 1.8% and light 1.2%. For those that prefer to manually refill their devices or more flavour options, Vapouriz offers over 100 variations and 4 different nicotine strengths. A total of five starter kits are currently available: Solo, Gemini, Gemini Hard Pack, Gemini Pro and Tank.

A very handy comparison table can be found on their main website to assist users with choosing the correct kit for their needs. The Solo kit is disposable and as such is the only non-rechargeable kit in the Vapouriz starter kit line. Interested buyers should note that the Vapouriz Tank eGo Starter is the only kit officially compatible with their e-liquids. The convenience and growth in popularity of cartomiser-battery electronic cigarette systems make the Vapouriz Gemini Pro Full Kit the most appealing with its suggested market price of £41.66. The Gemini Pro kit includes: (2) 180 mAh lithium ion rechargeable batteries, (1) USB charge cable, (1) Mains adapter, (1) 1250 mAhportable charge case, (5) refill cartomisers. Let’s move onto the rest of the Vapouriz review.

Reasons to Buy

  • “Push” charge technology
  • Rubberized PCC

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Better known alternatives
  • Limitation on flavour

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Vapouriz Review – Aesthetics

The Vapouriz Gemini Pro Kit arrives in a neat black cardboard box with a plastic window revealing the portable charge case. The portable charge case inside features a smooth rubberized black coating with space for two batteries and three cartomisers. The Vapouriz branding can be found on the anterior face of the PCC along with their somewhat cheesy slogan “No Whiffs or Butts”. The slogan aside, the PCC was aesthetically pleasing and seems to be fairly durable. I opted for their Classic Tobacco flavour with regular 1.8% nicotine content, which was neatly packed inside.

“portable charge case inside features a smooth rubberized black coating with space for two batteries and three cartomisers”

Identifying the cartomiser’s flavour is easy since it’s printed on the hygiene sticker on the vaping end. The mains adapter and USB charge cable were of average quality and could easily be mistaken for any generic electronic device cable you may have lying around. An informative instruction manual is also included but shouldn’t be necessary for those that have used electronic cigarettes in the past.

Vapouriz Review – Flavour & Vaping

A 2-piece electronic cigarette system is featured in the Vapouriz Gemini Pro Full Kit, which consists of a 180mAh lithium ion battery as well as a cartomiser. Flavour options on the Gemini Pro are restricted to either the Classic Tobacco or Menthol Fresh. Vaping the Vapouriz rechargeable electronic cigarette is fairly simple and begins with the user screwing the cartomiser into the battery.

Next the hygiene sticker covering the vape opening must be removed and an inhale will activate the automatic system. A green light will then illuminate at the battery’s tip indicating that it’s working. The classic tobacco flavour that I chose was nothing special in regards to flavour but had a solid amount of vapour production. Vapouriz approximates that each cartomiser is equivalent to forty traditional tobacco electronic cigarettes each. My personal experience deviated significantly from this estimate and I would place the number closer to 25 cigarettes. As with all electronic cigarette figures, these numbers will vary greatly between users due to variances in force of inhalation, frequency, etc.

vapouriz-case vapouriz-gemini

Vapouriz Review – Technical Features & Battery

vapouriz-gemini-close vapouriz-tank-ego Vapouriz’s Gemini Pro Kit comes with a 1250 mAh thermoplastic portable charging case with space for up to 3 cartomisers and 2 batteries. Vapouriz recommends a charging time of between one to two hours to fully charge the PCC, which is an accurate range based on my personal experience. A nice feature on the Gemini Pro PCC is that the batteries are charged using a “push” charge technology that does not require users to screw in batteries (like most PCCs available). The PCC should last most users an entire day without needing a recharge and can charge batteries a total of 7 times on a single charge of the PCC.

vapouriz-hard-pack-starter-kit “should last most users an entire day without needing a recharge” A total of two 180 mAh lithium ion batteries are included in the Gemini Pro Full Kit, which are rated at 3-5 hours of regular use. This regular range was a slightly generous figure with my personal use resulting in just slightly over 2.5 hours. Full charging of the batteries takes 90 minutes using the included personal charging case. Indication of charging is given by a light on the side of the PCC.

Vapouriz Review – About The Company

“Customer support and sales are available online, via email and over the phone”Vapouriz was incepted in 2011 by a smoker who had abandoned an over 20-year tobacco cigarette habit for electronic cigarettes. Vapouriz is based out of Guildford, Surrey and is a global provider of electronic cigarettes and accessories. The company’s premises is not zoned for “walk-in” retail and as such, visitors and customers must visit their retail stores for purchases. Customer support and sales are available online, via email and over the phone.