VAPESTICK Review 2021
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Despite being founded less than 5 years ago, The VAPESTICK Group has managed to establish itself in the UK market with a gradually increasing local customer base. Based out of Middlesex, the company manufactures and sells a variety of electronic cigarette kits and accessories. Kits range in price from £30 to £45; targeting budget-conscious or first-time electronic cigarette smokers. Not surprisingly, VAPESTICK electronic cigarettes feature a 2-piece system (like many of the bigger brands) consisting of a cartomiser (cartridge + atomiser) and the battery. This VAPESTICK review will focus on the VAPESTICK Next- Gen XL Starter Kit that has a suggested market price of £42.99. The kit includes (1) charging case, (2) blue LED-tip batteries, (2) USB charge cables and (5) assorted cartomiser flavours/ strengths. This kit seems to be targeting the same users as ROK Universal attempts to attract with their original starter kit as exemplified by an identical list of contents and similar pricing (£44.99).

Reasons to Buy

  • Variety of Cartomisers
  • Flavour
  • Premium charge case

Reasons to Reconsider

  • ROK’s alternative
  • No Mains adapter
  • Limited Warranty

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VAPESTICK Review – Update September 2013

Since my last Vapestick review, Vapestick has revamped a great deal of their electronic cigarette product line along with the addition of Electronic Shishas. Let’s begin with what they’ve changed in the way of their disposable electronic cigarettes. Vapestick has chosen to introduce a menthol-flavoured disposable e-cigarette with 1.8% nicotine content. The menthol disposable e-cig’s flavour is identical to the e-liquid in the pre-filled cartomisers offered with Vapestick’s rechargeable e-cigarettes, which has always been a personal favourite of mine. The downside of Vapestick’s disposable electronic cigarettes is the lack of options in the area of nicotine strengths. Perhaps something they could change in their next product revision?

Moving forward, the Vapestick Single XL Starter Kit is new and is offered as a lower priced alternative to their premium rechargeable e-cig starter kits. Currently selling for £19.99, the Single XL Starter is £10 less than the cheapest starter kit offered by Vapestick when I wrote my last VAPESTICK review. Included in the Single XL Kit are 1x rechargeable XL battery, 2x cartomizers and 1x USB charger. The rechargeable battery included in this kit is the same as the one included in the Next-Gen XL Starter and is rated at 180mAh. My experience yielded roughly 140 drags when fully charged. Users are not given the option to choose their cartomizer flavour in the Single XL Starter, which comes standard with original flavour at 1.8% nicotine concentration. The USB adapter works via the standard screw-in mechanism. For less than £20, the Single XL Starter from Vapestick is a good option for those looking to try e-cigs without breaking the bank.

Vapestick now offers V-Shishas for those that have enjoyed shisha for years but are ready to give up tobacco. The V-Shisha is sold for a suggested manufacturer price of £24.99, which includes 5 different flavoured disposable electronic shishas. The e-shishas colours correspond to the different flavours, which include: Blueberry, Apple, Grape, Strawberry and Peach. Vaping is easy with the shishas, as they only require the user to inhale to activate at which point a glass LED light at the battery end will illuminate. I found vapour production to be rather impressive for it’s small form factor design and my personal favourite was had to be grape. I should stress that all flavours are rather good.

To sum up, Vapestick seems to be devoting a lot of time towards upgrading and expanding their products, which is apparent with this recent update. Their decision to add a lower priced starter will certainly appeal to those on a strict budget. Electronic cigarette users that prefer fruity flavours are likely to enjoy the V-Shishas very much, as I certainly did.

Original VAPESTICK Review – Aesthetics

The VAPESTICK Next-Gen XL Starter Kit arrived in a black box with neon blue print indicating that you have indeed received your e-cigarette starter kit and not some strange glow stick kit. A clear user guide dictates proper care and usage techniques for the VAPESTICK XL. The two included batteries are flat black in colour with VAPESTICK written in large print lengthwise near the blue LED tip. Be clear that no one will mistake the VAPESTICK XL electronic cigarette for a traditional cigarette. Instead, they hope to capture vaping clientele in search of a more progressive appearance. Their overtly large branding aside, I thought they succeeded in accomplishing a clean modern look without appearing cheap. The cartomisers are also black in color but flavour/ strength can be distinguished based on the colour of the ring encircled.

“succeeded in accomplishing a clean modern look”

The e-cigarette battery USB adapter looked rather generic while the charging case USB adapter looked eerily similar to a Samsung phone charger. In any case, a mains adapter is not present so you’re on your own to find an adapter that suits you (ROK Universal’s starter kit includes one!). The portable charging case has a nice feel to it and can house an assembled XL e-cigarette, 3 cartomisers and a spare battery (can be charging). A clear LED screen lets you know when your case is charging a battery or needs to be recharged itself.

VAPESTICK Review – Flavour & Vaping

VAPESTICK’s cartridges are available in a total of 6 flavours and 4 strengths but as the Next-Gen XL starter kit only includes 5, you’ll be limited to: original, tobacco, menthol, apple and cherry flavours. Rings encircling each cartomiser indicate which flavour you have: blue, brown, green, neon green and red, respectively. Original and tobacco cartomiser nicotine contents are at 2.4% while the rest are included at 1.8%.

A simple screwing mechanism on the cartomisers allows for attachment to the battery and you’re ready to vape. Take a drag and the blue LED at the opposing end will illuminate letting you know that you’re vaping! (As if you hadn’t guessed from the vapour inhaled). The VAPESTICK’s draw was smooth but not as smooth as ROKs. However, the flavour of the tobacco and menthol had a much stronger presence (in a good way).

vapestick-v-shisha vapestick-kit

VAPESTICK Review – Technical Features & Battery Life

vapestick-flavour vapestick-shisha-pack “Charge Case: regarded as a premium feature” The 180mAh XL battery took about 90 minutes to charge when plugged in directly to the USB adapter. Despite the XL battery being rated at 250 puffs, I was only able to achieve somewhere in the vicinity of 140 puffs. VAPESTICK is quick to remind us that reported values depend on a user’s personal habits (drag time, strength of drag, etc).
vapestick-e-cigs The charge case is quickly becoming standard in most e-cigarette starter kits and VAPESTICK is no different. With the ability to hold a total of 4 cartomisers and 2 batteries (one charging), it can certainly be regarded as a premium feature. An LED light adorns the anterior face allowing the user to easily determine which mode the Slimline V charging case is in (very helpful). The slimline case can fully charge 3 depleted batteries allowing users to easily go a day without having to charge their batteries or case.

VAPESTICK products purchased on their webpage carry a 30-day “no-hassle” return policy. Returned items are examined by VAPESTICK’s IT department, who will determine if a replacement or full refund (including postage) will be awarded. However, as with most consumable products, batteries and atomisers are not covered if, upon inspection, are seen to have recurrent use. A 7-day full refund is awarded to any VAPESTICK consumers unhappy with their product (faulty or not). Customer Service is available via their website’s comment page.

VAPESTICK Review – About The Company

“first series of electronic cigarettes in 2010” The VAPESTICK Group was formed following the acquisition of CraveAway Limited (founded in 2009) by Clapper Ventures limited liability partnership in 2010. VAPESTICK released it’s first series of electronic cigarettes in 2010 and currently sells it’s product via retailers such as: Harrods, Costco, Londis and Makro to name a few. Vape Stick along with E-Lites and a few others formed the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECITA) to establish standards for e-cigarette products and combat unjust campaigns against misleading effects of electronic cigarettes. VAPESTICK is currently based out of Stanmore, Middlesex.