Vaper Trails Review 2021
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ECITA member, Vaper Trails has been around since the early entry of electronic cigarettes into the UK. The company has its headquarters in Bournemouth and sells a variety of electronic cigarette products ranging from e-liquids to variable manual battery electronic cigarette devices. Although a bit antiquated, their website provides what’s necessary to make a purchased without much hassle. Thirty-two e-liquid flavours in three different nicotine strengths are sold through the site. Navigating to their electronic cigarette sub page reveals that the company currently sells a total of eight starter kits ranging in price from £34.99 to £54.99.

Advertised as their best seller, is the Vaper Trails Ego 650 Tank Starter Kit at £49.99. This starter includes: 2X rechargeable batteries, 2X tanks, 1X USB wall adapter, 1X USB cable, 1X carry case, and 1X 5ml bottle of e-liquid. The price and contents of the Ego 650 starter place it in the same category as the Liberty Flights CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter and the ROK Legend Electronic Cigarette Kit. Let’s explore how the Ego 650 stacks up to the competition.

Reasons to Buy

  • Two batteries
  • Refillable

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Warranty?

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Vaper Trails Review – Aesthetics

Packed into the Vaper Trails Ego 650 Tanko Starter Kit is everything necessary to begin vaping. A soft black zippered carrying case is included, which unfortunately does not have charging capabilities. The USB charging adapter and Mains adapter are black in colour with the typical generic quality you would expect from most e-cigarette companies. The actual tank-based electronic device on the other hand has a pleasant quality appearance to it. Buyers of the Ego 650 kit are given the option between black, steel, red, blue and pink for their battery while tank colours include: black, clear, blue, pink, red and green. Drip tips are the standard black colour. I opted for the black battery and clear tank for the classic look.

“unfortunately does not have charging capabilities”

The black batteries feature a matte rubberized-texture grip with a black shaded button. The clear tank was rather neat with clean fill lines and the black drip tip wasn’t anything special. I must say, that I was somewhat impressed by the overall feel of the device.

Vaper Trails Review – Flavour & Vaping

As mentioned earlier Vaper Trails gives its patrons the choice between 32 different e-liquid flavours. Flavours range from US Gold tobacco to less conventional flavours like coconut and espresso. Each flavour is offered in three nicotine strengths containing: 0mg, 11mg or 24mg. E-liquid bottles are sold in 5ml, 10ml and 30ml bottles encouraging users with a preference to opt for larger sizes.

Like all tank-based electronic cigarettes, users are required to fill the tank with the e-liquid of the preference. Vaping using the Vaper Trails Ego 650 electronic cigarette provided consistently strong vapour production. As for flavour, well that will depend strongly on what you decide to try and your personal taste. My experience with the more traditional tobacco flavours was a positive one.

vaper-trails-cartomizer vaper-trails-e-liquid

Vaper Trails Review – Technical Features & Battery

vaper-trails-battery vaper-trails-charger The Vaper Trails Ego 650 Tanko Starter Kit comes with two 650mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Like many manual batteries for electronic cigarettes, these batteries feature 5-click on/off functions to prevent accidental vaporizing of e-liquids when not in use. The starter kit does not include a personal charging case, which is expected for a tank-based electronic cigarette. However, the black zippered carry case does serve it’s purpose.
“Filling the tank is also fairly easy” Charging of the battery requires the user to screw the battery into the USB adapter and into the appropriate power source. Filling the tank is also fairly easy and can be accomplished by remove the drip tip and filling the tank to the desired level. Overall, the battery life and performance of the Vaper Trails Ego 650 battery are very mediocre. Fortunately, the kit includes two batteries to give users the ability to vape throughout an entire day without needing to recharge. vaper-trails-red-kit My research was unable to uncover any type of guarantee or warranty offered by Vaper Trails on their products. Interested buyers may want to contact the company directly via email or over the phone.

Vaper Trails Review – About The Company

“guarantees next day delivery on orders placed before 1pm to 99% of the UK”Vaper Trails is a Bournemouth-based electronic cigarette company that was founded in 2010. The e-cig firm is a current member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association better known as ECITA, responsible for ensuring that e-cigarettes sold by its members, meet specific quality standards. The company guarantees next day delivery on orders placed before 1pm to 99% of the UK. Their customer service support staff can be reached over the phone or email during the workweek between 9:30am and 3pm.