Vape Club Review 2021
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Vape Club is UK-based electronic cigarette company that offers a refreshing sales tactic by focusing on a subscription-style ordering platform. The company’s website lists a relatively limited selection of products with only a single model offering for both their rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarette. Vape Club does not currently offer a personal charge case, which leaves users to charge their batteries only when a power source is available. Additionally, only a single cartomiser flavour is currently offered with 16mg nicotine content or 1.6% per ml. Not surprisingly, a single starter kit is offered, the appropriately named VapeClub Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

This kit includes: (1) lithium battery, (5) cartomisers and (1) USB charge cable. However, Vape Club’s true intent lies with their subscription plans. They currently offer a total of 4 e-cigarette subscription plans named: Package A, B, C and D, respectively. Plans are listed in increasing order of features and cost with the bottom tier A plan starting at just £14 per month. Users should take note that Packages A-C are designed for individuals whereas Package D is meant for multiple people. Their four plans sound appealing but let’s first take a look at how the VapeClub Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit stacks up against comparable electronic cigarettes such as Intellicig’s starter kit and E-Lites E-80 starter kit. Let’s move onto the rest of the Vape Club review.

Reasons to Buy

  • Price
  • Low cost subscription

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Single flavour offering
  • E-cigarette’s appearance

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Vape Club Review – Aesthetics

The VapeClub Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit arrives in three separate cardboard boxes containing the lithium battery, USB charge cable and 5 cartomisers. All three boxes are Vape Club’s trademark red and yellow color and clearly labeled revealing their contents. Vape Club’s packaging has a cheap look to it, which they explain is due to minimising overhead costs that they pass onto the consumer. This is contrary to their competitors who offer much nicer packaging but of course, packaging aesthetics is not a direct reflection on flavouring and product technology. The included USB charging adapter is pretty typical with clear Vape Club branding. Vape Club’s rechargeable electronic cigarette is a 2-piece system consisting of a cartomiser and lithium battery.

“cartomiser’s colour to not be my favourite but the entire e-cigarette to have some appeal”

The e-cigarette measures 11cm x 1cm with a solid 16g weight. I found the cartomiser’s colour to not be my favourite but the entire e-cigarette to have some appeal. A gold ring can be found where the cartomiser meets the cartomiser and a subtle Vape Club branding found encircling the battery. A semi-translucent plastic tip completes the battery end, which appears to be an attempt at imitating that of a used traditional cigarette. The plastic tip encloses an orange LED that illuminates when the device is used.

Vape Club Review – Flavour & Vaping

Vape Club currently offers a single flavour that contains 16mg of nicotine. Vaping the electronic cigarette requires users to simply screw the cartomiser into the battery end. The cartomisers can be found individually wrapped with plastic tips covering both ends. Vape Club’s e-cigarette is automatic, which means inhaling activates the atomiser built into the cartomiser as well as the orange LED at the battery tip.

Cartomisers are rated as being equivalent to 50 cigarettes each but my personal experience was closer to 35 tobacco cigarettes. Readers should note that figures can vary drastically between users as each user has their own tendencies (intensity of vape, frequency, etc). Upon inhaling, I quickly felt a slightly rough vapour in my throat. The harshness of the vapour aside, the flavouring of the e-cigarette itself can be best described as a good attempt at imitating a traditional tobacco cigarette.

vape-club-case vape-club-charger

Vape Club Review – Technical Features & Battery

vape-club-battery vape-club-refill The battery found in the Vape Club Starter Kit measures 6.7cm by 1cm and weighs in at 11 grams. An HG7 lithium-ion battery is featured and rated at 300 charge cycles. The Vape Club battery has an orange LED tip that illuminates when in use. Charging is accomplished by screwing the battery onto the USB adapter, which in turn plugs into a USB power source. When plugged into a power source a red light will illuminate on the USB adapter and change to blue when fully charged. Vape Club approximates a full charge to take 90 minutes, which is a figure that I found to be almost exact.
vape-club-car-charger “HG7 lithium-ion battery is featured and rated at 300 charge cycles” Vape Club seems to be very ambitious with its warranty policy as it offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products so long as you remain a subscriber. The only additional returns policy listed on their website mentions that Vape Club will refund the full amount of the user’s previous monthly subscription cost. Users should note that this policy is only valid if the replacement/ refund request is made within seven days of the delivery.

Vape Club Review – About The Company

“offers a subscription plan that allows subscribers to receive regular discounted monthly deliveries”VapeClub was founded as a self-described “customer-centric, environmentally conscious company” that distributes electronic cigarettes and accessories. VapeClub is based locally in Hertfordshire and is listed as Vape Club Limited. Vape Club is unique among electronic cigarette companies in that it offers a subscription plan that allows subscribers to receive regular discounted monthly deliveries of their products. The company customer support staff can be reached by either telephone or e-mail during normal business hours. Normal business hours are 9-5pm Monday through Friday.