V2 Cigs Reviews 2021
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V2 Cigs is a global electronic company that has experienced almost exponential growth in the three short years since its inception. The company has a variety of electronic cigarette offerings including disposable, rechargeable, and a “power-cig”, which plugs directly into a power source for consistent vaping. V2 Cigs does take a refreshing approach toward appeasing both their cost-effective and convenience-oriented users by retailing both e-liquids and cartomisers. Furthermore, 10 flavours are presently available with everything from American Tobacco Blend to V2 Mint Tea. Their main webpage currently advertises a total of 8 various starter kits for users to choose from with prices ranging from as little as £16.22 to as much as £104.00. Users interested in their “power-cig” should note that this particular model is only included in the £91 Traveler Kit, £104 Ultimate Kit and in a stand-alone kit for just £18.17 (with 5 flavour cartridges). With a market price of £42.23, their V2 Standard Kit will meet the needs of the majority of users without breaking the bank. This kit includes: (1) automatic battery, (1) manual battery, (10) flavour cartridges, (1) wall adapter, (1) USB “smart” charger, and (1) user manual. The features and price tag of the V2 standard kit also place it in a highly competitive market along with the SKYCIG Freedom (market price £49.99) as well as the ROK Universal Original Starter (£44.99).

Reasons to Buy

  • Plethora of Colour Options
  • Lifetime Fine Print Warranty
  • Manual and Auto battery

Reasons to Reconsider

  • No Personal Charge Case
  • SKYCIG Freedom

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V2 Cigs Reviews – Aesthetics

I found that V2 offered a more-than-sufficient amount of options for those interested in the standard kit. Those with an affinity towards customizing everything they own will appreciate that V2 Cig offers the option of 4 battery colours (white, black, silver, blue) and battery sizes (Shorty, Standard and Long). Unboxing the V2 Standard Starter Kit begins by flipping open the white and blue top flap revealing their slogan “Your Life Version 2.0” on the front end. The two batteries will be the first things you notice along with 2 boxes containing the flavour cartridges. I chose white and silver, but preferred the traditional premium look of the white. However, the silver may appeal to those that prefer a more modern electronic look. Prying off the battery holder gives you access to the USB “smart” charging cable and mains adapter; which both appear cheaply made.

“nothing out of the ordinary for an electronic cigarette in this price range”

The entire electronic cigarette apparatus will vary in length and appearance depending on what you’ve chosen. Cartridges are covered with a specific colour indicative of their flavour. Assembled V2 electronic cigarettes range in length from 100mm to 140mm with the latter sizes offering considerably longer vaping times. I felt that the overall vaping apparatus had a somewhat quality feel to it but was nothing out of the ordinary for an electronic cigarette in this price range.

V2 Cigs Reviews – Flavour & Vaping

V2 Cigs UK cartridges are available in 10 flavours and include: V2 Red, Congress, sahara, menthol, peppermint, mint tea, vanilla, cherry, coffee, chocolate. Additionally, nicotine strengths offered for each flavour are as follows: full (18mg), medium (12mg), light (6mg) and zero (0mg). I opted for their medium strength V2 Red and mint tea flavoured cartridges.

Vaping using the automatic battery is accomplished per the industry-norm of taking a drag at which time an LED light will illuminate. Manual batteries require users to manually switch on the device while vaping. As suggested by V2 Cig’s info page, I found the manual batteries to produce a thicker vapour with both delivering a sufficient amount. The V2 Red wasn’t a far cry from a traditional cigarette while the mint tea was a delight. Take it from an avid tea drinker, the mint tea flavour is worth trying!


V2 Cigs Reviews – Technical Features & Battery Life

v2-cigs-battery v2-cigs-cartridges “not much to sacrifice for significantly more vaping life” Batteries are offered in the three sizes: Shorty (67mm), Standard (79mm) and Long (110mm). Battery ratings increase with length and are as follows: 150mAh, 250mAh and 380mAh, respectively. That’s quite a range and not much to sacrifice for significantly more vaping life. Unfortunately this kit does not include a personal charge case like the comparable SKYCIG freedom starter kit. I preferred the manual battery compared to the automatic, as it produced a noticeably thicker vapour. Additionally, some have reported longer battery life from the V2 manual batteries as it can be completely shut off. However, your battery life will vary greatly depending on your usage. Complete charging of the standard battery took roughly 180 minutes and easily lasted me several hours with moderate use.

v2-cigs-charger The V2 Cigs warranty is restricted to the original purchasers and as a result those purchasing V2 products from a third party retailer must work with their retailer to file warranty claims. Not surprisingly, V2’s customers automatically forfeit their warranty if products are modified, repaired, abused, or otherwise misused. V2 does carry a peculiar lifetime warranty agreement, which stipulates that the warranty will be valid as long as the purchaser maintains a history of ordering products within 90 days of each other. As consumable products, V2 disposables and e-liquid products are exempt from the warranty.


V2 Cigs Reviews – About The Company

“reported over 1 million customers in the United States alone”V2 Cigs is US-based global manufacturer and distributer of electronic cigarettes and accessories. A subsidiary of VMR Products LLC, V2’s founding office is located in Miami Beach, CA, U.S.A. The company has experienced exponential growth since it’s inception slightly over 3 years ago. Additionally, the company has reported over 1 million customers in the United States alone. Their telephone customer service support staff operates now in the U.K. In addition to telephone support, V2 Cigs offers live chat and a contact email. I found their live chat staff to be rather knowledgeable and competent when answering technical questions.