TABLites Review 2021
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TABlites E-Cigs is a distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories based out of Manchester, UK. The electronic cigarette company’s products come in variety of form factors that include disposable, 2-piece, and tank-based electronic cigarette devices. Often regarded as a budget-friendly e-cigarette distributor, TABlites attempts to quell any worries about the reliability of the products by offering a 28-day warranty period from the date of purchase. This warranty period does come with its share of fine print, which is discussed in detail later in this TABLites review.

Cartomisers and e-liquids are both sold by TABlites, which are necessitated by the fact the company offers both tank-less and tank-based electronic cigarettes. Despite offering a wide array of e-cigarette products, I found the TABlites Cyclone iClear 16 Twist Kit to be the most appealing in terms of price and features. The starter kit includes a 900mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, dual coil clearomiser, USB charge adapter, carrying case and the option to add e-liquids for a discounted price. The following review will focus on how TABlites compares to the growing number of electronic cigarette companies and more specifically on the Cyclone iClear 16 Twist Starter Kit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Low Cost
  • Refillable

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Short Warranty Period
  • Manual Battery

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TABLites Review – Aesthetics

Buyers of the Cyclone iClear 16 Twist Starter Kit will find that TABlites has invested little time in the packaging. However, buyers should also keep in mind that this is a tank-based e-cigarette starter kit that’s marketed for only £39.99. Although not impressively packed, the starter does include everything necessary to get you vaping out of the box. Packaged inside, you’ll find a variable voltage battery, dual coil clearomiser, USB charge cable and carry case. The carry case is nothing amazing but certainly serves its purpose and is a clean black colour. The TABlites logo can be found on the top face of the case. TABlites decided to include a very generic looking USB charge cable, which is common especially in this price region of the market.

“battery has a somewhat solid weight to it, giving a somewhat premium feel”

In this case, the tank built into the clearomiser is clear with chrome finishes on the area bordering the battery and drip tip. The variable voltage battery has a somewhat solid weight to it, giving a somewhat premium feel. Two battery colour options are offered for this starter: white or black. I opted for the soft touch black colour, which covers the majority of the battery with the company logo apparent on one side. As with all variable voltage batteries, a button can be found at the battery-clearomiser junction. TABlites has done an impressive job for a low cost e-cig device in the department of aesthetics.

TABLites Review – Flavour & Vaping

Since this review is focused primarily on the Cyclone iClear 16 Twist Kit, we’ll look at e-liquid flavours offered. A total of 19 e-liquid flavours are currently being offered by TABlites in 30ml bottles. The majority of which come solely in the 16mg nicotine strength. Classic flavours include tobacco, American tobacco, RY4, menthol, and cigar. Less traditional e-liquid flavours include cotton candy, cheesecake, energy drink and even whiskey. Whiskey? I suppose electronic cigarettes are trying anything to pull in tobacco cigarette smokers?

Moving forward, users need to load the tank built into the clearomiser in order to begin vaping. This is of course assuming the rest of the Cyclone iClear e-cigarette device is already assembled. Depressing the battery button switches on the clearomiser and a solid vapour will be produced. The tobacco flavour in the 16mg nicotine strength was particularly good. Users that wish to try to use their own e-liquids are in luck as this e-cigarette should be compatible with the majority of e-juices. Flavour and vapour production from the Cyclone tank-based e-cig was certainly good for the price.

tablites-cartomisers tablites-rechargeable-electronic-cigarette

TABLites Review – Technical Features & Battery

tablites-battery tablites-clearomiser TABlites E-Cig Cyclone iClear 16 Twist Starter kit comes with its fair share of technical features. The first of which that I’ll note is the manual variable voltage rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s rated at a whopping 900mAh. This should provide the majority of users with the ability to vape throughout the day without needing to recharge. Recharging of this battery is much like the majority of e-cigarette available, requiring the user to screw the battery into the USB charge cable and into a USB power supply. Most generic USB-to-Mains adapters should work just fine to give users some flexibility in terms of where they can charge their battery.
tablites-electronic-cigarette “ability to vape throughout the day without needing to recharge” The kit also includes an iClear16 clearomiser, which is basically an atomiser for tank-based electronic cigarette device. This means users can refill the Cyclone e-cigarette with their e-liquid of choice. The clearomiser’s built-in atomiser turns on when an attached batteries button is depressed, which in turn, vapourises the e-liquid in the 1.6ml tank. A 1.5ohm dual coil system allows for increased vapour production with every drag. Fairly notable in a budget tank-based electronic cigarette!

As noted earlier in the TABLites review, warranty from TABlites covers a period of 28-days from the date of purchase. Given the nature of disposable products, TABlites only covers these items if they are determined to be dead-on-arrival given the buyer notifies the company within 48 hours of receiving the product. Any tampering or misuse of e-cigarette devices or accessories will automatically void the manufacturer warranty.

TABLites Review – About The Company

“open seven days a week with hours varying depending on the day”Manchester-based electronic cigarette distributor, TABlites E-Cigs was founded in 2012 to provide UK smokers with a worthwhile alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette company is open seven days a week with hours varying depending on the day. TABlites customer service support staff can be reached over the phone or by email.