Smoko Review 2021
7.8our score

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes is based out of London and provides e-cigarette users with yet another option in a sea of electronic cigarette companies. The electronic cigarette company also goes by iSmoko, which happens to correspond to the company’s URL address. SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes offers e-cigs in a 2-piece design consisting of a cartomizer and battery. A total of 10 different cartomizer flavours are currently marketed by SMOKO that covers everything from traditional flavours such as Menthol to their more adventurous “Roast Chicken”.

Three starter kits are currently offered by SMOKO, which include the Standard, White Premium and Black Premium Starter Packs. Users should note that aside from a colour difference, both Premium Starter Packs are identical in price and features. The SMOKO Black Premium Starter Pack is likely to have the most appeal out of the three and is offered at a suggested manufacturer price of £55. For this price, users will receive (1) personal charging case, (2) rechargeable batteries, (5) original tobacco flavoured cartomizers, (1) PCC USB charge cable, (1) e-cig battery USB charge cable, and (1) mains adapter. This review will focus on the SMOKO Premium Starter Kit and how it compares to current offerings from other electronic cigarette companies.

Reasons to Buy

  • Combined battery life
  • Range of flavours

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Feature-poor PCC
  • Lack of warranty

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Smoko Review – Aesthetics

The SMOKO Black Premium Starter Kit arrives in a rather plain cardboard box with the company’s slogan “SMOKO YOUR WAY” printed towards the bottom. Lifting up the top reveals the contents of the SMOKO starter kit, which include a PCC. Unlike personal charge cases offered by competing electronic cigarette companies, the SMOKO PCC keeps it simple without a battery level indicator display. A premium metal border finish can be found on the PCC, which along with the company’s logo adds a premium touch to the case.

“SMOKO PCC keeps it simple without a battery level indicator display”

Electronic cigarette devices in both the White and Black Premium Starter Kits are identical with SMOKO pursuing the traditional appearance of a tobacco cigarette. This is surprising considering the overwhelming majority of newer electronic cigarette companies have left behind this aesthetic approach for a modern one. Nevertheless, the SMOKO electronic cigarette has a rather nice appearance to it. Weight and width are comfortable and the electronic cigarette does not necessarily feel cheap by any means. Overall, SMOKO didn’t do a bad job in the appearance department for a company that was launched a little over a year ago.

Smoko Review – Flavour & Vaping

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes generously offers their e-cigarettes in a total of 10 cartomizer flavours. Flavours are considerably more adventurous/ experimental even for an e-cig company and include: Original Tobacco, Roast Chicken, Havana, Chockywocky, Bananarama, Absinthe, Virginia Rolling, Menthol, Green Apple, Energy. You were not mistaken when you read Roast Chicken as a cartomizer flavour. Although I have not had the chance to try this flavour out myself, online reviewers actually recommend trying it primarily for the novelty aspect.

The majority of flavours are offered in four different nicotine strengths, which are as follows: 24mg, 16mg, 11mg and 0mg. After assembling the 2-piece SMOKO electronic cigarette, taking a drag will produce a more than sufficient amount of vapour for the small form factor design. The original tobacco flavour is a favourite of former tobacco cigarette smokers, which is probably why SMOKO doesn’t give buyers the option of selecting their own flavour.

smoko-cartomizer smoko-premium-starter-kit

Smoko Review – Technical Features & Battery

smoko-battery smoko-charger Packed into the SMOKO Premium Starter Kit is a personal charging case. As mentioned earlier in this review, the PCC isn’t studded with any unique or appealing features but is a rather plain and functional charging case. The charge case works utilizing a screw-in mechanism for charging batteries with the charge case. The PCC can be charged using the included USB charge cable and USB to mains adapter for the shortest charge time.
smoko-starter-pack “forgoes the hassle of a separate atomizer and cartridge” SMOKO has chosen to go with a two-piece electronic cigarette design that forgoes the hassle of a separate atomizer and cartridge. However, this also prevents users from refilling their cartridges with non-SMOKO e-liquids. Screwing the cartomiser into the battery is all that’s required to completely assemble the device. Taking a drag will cause the light opposite the cartomiser to illuminate indicating vapour production. Battery life is mediocre per battery but SMOKO seems to address this problem well by included two batteries and a PCC. This should leave the vast majority of users vaping throughout the day without needing to recharge their PCC. Unfortunately, my research was unable to uncover any sort of warranty associated with SMOKO products.

Smoko Review – About The Company

“cartridge flavours are all made in the UK”London-based SMOKO was founded in April 2012 to provide the growing number of electronic cigarette users with another choice of electronic cigarette devices. SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes sells a 2-piece e-cigarette device with automatic batteries. The company proudly advertises that their cartridge flavours are all made in the UK. SMOKO is also a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA). Their customer support staff can be reach either by telephone or through email. Customer support hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.