Smoke Relief Reviews 2021
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Smoke Relief has become a global producer of electronic cigarettes over the past few years recently expanding into the UK market. With the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, many companies worldwide have been attempting to establish themselves by providing quality products at competitive pricing. Smoke Relief is one such company that has managed to gain our attention with their Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit. The Smoke Relief Deluxe kit has a suggested market price of £143.96 but can often be found for much less. The kit includes 2 batteries, usb cable, mains charger, 5 tobacco cartomisers and 5 cartomisers of your choice. All of this makes the Deluxe kit comparable to more establish e-cigarette companies such as Green Smoke (Express Kit), Sky Cig (Freedom Starter), etc. Users should note that unlike Green Smoke and Sky Cig, Smoke Relief gives buyers more options in terms of cartomiser flavours, however this does come at the cost of a slightly higher market price.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ability to select flavours
  • 10 total cartomisers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 90-day guarantee

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Subtle flavours
  • Steep price
  • High nicotine content

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Smoke Relief Reviews – Aesthetics

Smoke Relief’s Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Starter Kit arrived in a black with various smaller black boxes packaged internally somewhat reminiscent of nesting Russian dolls. I found that Smoke Relief’s cheaper packaging is in sharp contrast to those of its competitors, who seem to invest a great deal in such things. The rather inconspicuous portable charging box has a LED on its anterior face indicating the charge state. Four cartomisers can fit alongside two batteries in the charging case, which is fairly generous. The batteries seem to be of great quality and feature a traditional cigarette white colour. The assembled Rock Relief cartomiser-battery electronic cigarette is also noticeably longer than a traditional cigarette, which may turn off some. The electrical cables/ components (usb, mains, usb cable) are disappointing in that they are generic in appearance.

“rather inconspicuous portable charging box has a LED on its anterior face”

E-Lites’ G9 batteries feature a series of thin concentric rings evenly spaced from the LED tip to the E-Lites branding preceding battery-cartomiser junction. Although some may disagree, I thought this gave the E-Lites electronic cigarette a nice premium appearance. Once again, build quality appears well done. The assembled electronic cigarette has a length of 101 mm, which is longer than that of Sky Cigs’ (96 mm) and ROK (86mm). This shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing necessarily since a longer device means longer battery life.

Who knows, the pleasant appearance of the increased length of E-Lites might be the beginning of an e-cigarettes trend towards that of the 1960s 100mm traditional cigarettes. The regular nicotine strength cartomisers in the E-Pro4 pack are the prototypical matte mustard orange color with a subtle red ring indicative of its strength. Although not included in this pack, light strength and menthol flavor have a gold and green ring encircling its respective cartomisers. A modern silver ring exposes where the cartomiser meets the battery.

Smoke Relief Reviews – Flavour & Vaping

Smoke Relief’s cartomisers are offered in 7 variations and 4 nicotine strengths. The 7 flavours currently offered include: tobacco, menthol, cherry, cappuccino, vanilla, apple and peach. Deluxe Kit buyers also have the option of selecting a mix of 5 of these flavours. Nicotine strengths are high (22mg), medium (18mg), low (12mg) and zero. These nicotine content values tower over that of ROK Universals conservative 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0, respectively.

As with other two-piece electronic cigarette systems, the cartomiser screws into the battery with a subtle drag initiating the vaping process. I opted for Smoke Relief’s regular strength 18mg nicotine cartomisers.

smoke-relief-case The tobacco flavour vapor was fairly smooth and an accurate replication of a normal cigarette (one of the best electronic cigarette). Vanilla was also pleasant whereas the menthol delivered a very subtle mint aftertaste.

Smoke Relief Reviews – Technical Features & Battery Life

smoke-relief-battery smoke-relief-charger “charging times are considerably longer than comparable” The portable charging case included in the Deluxe Rechargeable Kit has the convenience of an anterior LED indicator for battery life. Full charging of the case took 5 hours using the mains adapter while the electronic cigarette batteries took about 2.5 hours. These charging times are considerably longer than comparable charging cases/ batteries offered from Sky Cig and Green Smoke.

smoke-relief-mini-starter-kit Smoke Relief hopes to make up for the extended charging times of their batteries with the ability to simultaneously hold 2 batteries in the charging case. Cartomiser and battery life were unimpressive but not terrible either. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain detailed technical specifications as the Smoke Relief website seem to be more focused on promoting the benefits of electronic cigarettes instead of how it stacked up against its competitors. Something that they may want to consider as more manufacturers emerge in the ever-developing electronic cigarette industry.

Smoke Relief warranty is unique in that they offer a “lifetime warranty” for all UK customers contingent upon users follow their policy. Criteria that will qualify users for the lifetime warranty include: a minimum purchase of 2 cartomiser packs per month and is limited to the original purchases of the kit (via their website). In addition to their warranty a 90-day Money Back Guarantee is also offered as an incentive, which covers the full cost of the rechargeable kit minus any postage incurred.

Smoke Relief Reviews – About The Company

“90-day Money Back Guarantee is also offered” Although originally based out of the U.S., Smoke Relief has a physical presence locally in Warminster. Sole distribution of Smoke Relief products in the UK is managed by The General Trading Company (Europe) Limited.