Smart Cigs Review 2021
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Smart Cigs Electronic Cigarettes was founded in Kent, England, to provide tobacco cigarette smokers with a “smarter” alternative. The company promises users the chance to vape socially without guilt as their products contain no tar, carbon monoxide or carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes. Like many electronic cigarette firms, Smart Cigs markets both tank-based and tank-less e-cigarette devices in their product line. For those interested, they also sell single use e-cig apparatuses. The England-based e-cig distributor currently sells eight e-liquid flavours and ten cartomiser flavours, which include 3 variations of tobacco. Five electronic cigarette starter kits are offered to users that include everything necessary for a new user to get started vaping right out of the kit.

The SmartCigs Premier Kit is priced at £36.99, which includes 2X batteries, 1X USB charger, 1X wall adapter, 1X metal carry case, and 20 flavoured cartomisers. The competitively priced kit falls into the same niche market as that of two well-known kits: the Green Smoke Express Starter and JACVapour V1P PCC Starter Kit. Let’s move onto how the Premier Kit stacks up against the competition.

Reasons to Buy

  • Battery Life
  • Warranty

Reasons to Reconsider

  • No PCC
  • Cart Flavours

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Smart Cigs Review – Aesthetics

A matte black cardboard box houses the SmartCigs Premier Kit with the company logo printed on the top face. Flipping back the magnetic flap reveals two batteries, charging accessories, and twenty flavoured cartomisers. Depending on what a user selects, the batteries will be white, black or stainless steel in colour and feature either manual or automatic operation. Buyers interested in the stainless steel battery colour should note that this option is only available in a manual configuration. I ordered all three colours and found them to be fairly similar in appearance to batteries included in JACVapour’s V1P Starter. In the case of SmartCigs, the battery end is grey and emits either a blue or red colour when in use.

“fairly similar in appearance to batteries included in JACVapour’s”

Charging accessories included in the Premier Kit are the industry norm and could have easily been mistaken for another brands if not for the company logo. Cartomiser body colours vary based on the flavour contents with clear printing of both the flavour and nicotine strength on the cart itself. The black carrying case is nothing special and leaves room for two cartomisers and two batteries. Surprisingly, the firm has chosen not to include their logo on the carry case. Overall, Smart Cigs seems to have devoted time towards the appearance of the e-cig device while neglecting the other accessories.

Smart Cigs Review – Flavour & Vaping

Flavour offerings from Smart Cigs are rather abundant as the company offers ten different cartomisers flavours. This includes: Red Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Blue Tobacco, Cherry, Cola, Coffee, Peppermint, Strawberry and Vanilla. The three tobacco flavours are offered in nicotine strengths of 6, 12, and 18mg. While the other cartomiser flavours are sold with 12mg and/ or 18mg nicotine content. Those looking to eventually quit their nicotine intake are out of luck with Smart Cigs since the company does not offer any zero nicotine concentration options.

Vaping is fairly straight forward with the SmartCigs two-piece electronic cigarette requiring users to screw together the battery and cartomiser. Manual battery users will then depress the button on the battery and inhale to produce the vapour. To circumvent the issue of depressing the button, the company also offers an automatic battery that only requires inhaling to activate vapour production. The blue or red LED light at the battery end will light up signaling proper function. Vapour production from the automatic battery was rather unimpressive and on the lighter side. On the other hand, the manual battery produced significantly more vapour. I recommend sticking with traditional tobacco flavours since the unconventional flavours left a lot to be desired.

smart-cigs-cartomizer smart-cigs-case

Smart Cigs Review – Technical Features & Battery

smart-cigs-battery smart-cigs-charger The Premier Starter Kit does not include a personal charge case but does include two rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Charging the battery necessitates users to screw them into the USB charge cable and into either a USB power bus or included mains adapter. Battery dimensions are 73mm with a diameter of 9.25mm. Each battery is rated at a whopping 4.5 volts 280mAh.
“users that prefer larger vapour production are encouraged to order the manual battery” Battery life from the SmartCigs product line is certainly more than sufficient at this price point. The company has also conveniently packed two batteries into the starter to allow vapers to get through an entire day without needing to recharge. Again, users that prefer larger vapour production are encouraged to order the manual battery while those that would prefer a simpler function should opt for the automatic version. Or you could order one of each? Overall, battery life shouldn’t be a concern with the SmartCigs current line. smart-cigs-tank Smart Cigs advertises a one year warranty on the top of the page which is further explained in the FAQs sub page. The company warrants products for the expected lifetime so long as they are used properly and are not tampered with. Additionally, the firm offers a 7-day window from the delivery date to return products if found to be faulty with the exception of cartomisers due to health concerns.

Smart Cigs Review – About The Company

“founded in 2012 and is based out of Harrietsham, Kent”Smart Cigs Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2012 and is based out of Harrietsham, Kent, England. The company heavily advertises the health advantages of electronic cigarettes over their tobacco counterparts. Their customer support staff can be reached either by telephone or e-mail between 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday.