SkyCig Review 2021
8.6our score

As one of the largest distributers of electronic cigarettes in the United Kingdom and Europe, Sky Cig has expanded substantially in recent years. SkyCig (SC) aims to provide smokers with the “freedom to smoke” by offering an array of electronic cigarette kits and products. They currently push a single e-cigarette kit, the appropriately-named “SKYCIG freedom” that provides improvements to their original e-cigarette line such as longer lasting charges, smaller charging pack dimensions, and an overall improved vaping experience. In this SkyCig review, we’ll delve deeper into what’s included and how the Sky Cig Freedom starter kit stacks up against a growing number of e-cigarette competitors.

Reasons to Buy

  • Responsive vaping
  • 5 different flavours
  • USB charger
  • Long cartomiser life

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Less-than-ideal warranty
  • Mediocre battery life

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SkyCig Review – Aesthetics

The Sky Cig Freedom starter kit will arrive packed in a clean black box with a convenient magnetic latch mechanism. The first thing you’ll notice is the user manual, which is very organized and easy-to-read allowing even first-time electronic cigarette smokers to assemble their vapour sticks with ease. Also included is a 15% promo code for future purposes that you should hold onto to refill your cartomiser stock. The USB and wall adapter look rather generic so only time will tell how they will hold up in the long run.

“Charging case is plain but an elegant black that seems to be relatively durable.”

The hard plastic Freedom charging case is plain but an elegant black that seems to be relatively durable. The charging case can charge a single battery while holding 5 cartomisers and one assembled e-cigarette. The 2-piece Sky Cig electronic cigarette system assembly involves screwing the battery onto the cartomiser (containing the vapouriser). An appealing gold ring is present at the junction of the two parts and appears much like a normal cigarette with the exception of the blue ends. The fully assembled e-cig measures 96 mm long with the Sky Cig logo printed onto the battery end.

SkyCig Review – Flavour & Vaping

5 different flavours are included in the SC freedom starter kit, which is comprised of: classic tobacco, tobacco gold, crown tobacco, crown menthol and crown cherry. For each flavour, three strengths are available with increasing amounts of nicotine: Bold (18mg), Regular (12mg) and Light (6mg), respectively. Following joining of the cartomiser and battery, the seal is then removed from the inhalation end (cartomiser). As you may have guessed, the seals indicate which flavour you’re about to vape. Vaping is as easy as taking a drag on a normal cigarette with the blue LED illuminating for the duration of its use.

The classic tobacco’s flavour was most akin to a standard cigarette but like with all e-cigs, it tends to lack the drag and aftertaste produced from the latter. I found the menthol and surprisingly, the cherry flavours, to be my personal favourites. Menthol-flavoured cigarettes have always been a personal preference while in the case of the medium-strength cherry flavour, it comes as quite a pleasant surprise that cherry would taste good vaped in a cigarette.

skycig-case skycig-cartridge Sky Cig claims that their cartomisers are equivalent to roughly 30 standard cigarettes whereas I found it to be significantly less. Somewhere in the range of 20 cigarettes was somewhat pale in comparison to their “rough estimate” which of course is dependent on various user-dependent factors (drag length, force of drag, etc). However, we should note that despite being short of their estimate, Sky Cig cartomisers contain more cigarette equivalents on average than comparable cartomisers offered by competitors such as Rok Universal.

SkyCig Review – Technical Features & Battery

skycig-charger skycig-adaptor “Strong improvement from their original batteries” The freedom carrying case took about 3 ½ hours to full charge via the mains adapter. Roughly an hour and a half is what it took me to charge a single battery in the Freedom carrying case (it can only charge one at a time). The batteries lasted about an hour, which can be considered mediocre but is a strong improvement from their original batteries (which were also shorter).
skycig-battery SkyCig offers a 7-working day “cooling off” period (from the date of delivery) on all items sold on their website in which qualifies them for a full refund. SC’s 30-day money back guarantee (from date of purchase) available only on kits sold on their website is somewhat deceitful as most would assume this to be a full refund, while in reality the fine print indicates that buyers will only receive a partial refund. In addition to only qualifying for a partial refund, consumers hoping to return items will need to pay a £10 fee that covers processing, restocking and incurred administrative fees.

A 12 month limited warranty applies to SC’s USB charge cable, USB stick charger, wall adapters and rechargeable cases. At the discretion of Sky Cig, these items can be replaced or repaired a maximum of one time. Batteries are warrantied for 30 days while cartridges (cartomisers) carry no warranty since they are consumable items.

SkyCig Review – About The Company

“Voted the best e-cigarette in the UK market” Sky Cig is an electronic cigarette manufacturer based out of Edinburgh, United Kingdom with distribution primarily throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and continental Europe. Launched in 2009, Sky Cig (SC) is owned and operated by ZULU Ventures Limited. According to its website, SC was voted the best e-cigarette in the UK market.