ROK Electronic Cigarette Review 2021
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With the growth in popularity of electronic cigarettes, ROK has managed to establish itself as one of the leading retailers of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom. ROK currently offers a total of 5 e-cigarette kits: E cigarette discovery hard pack, E cigarette original starter kit, E cigarette discovery bundle pack (w/ tips), ROK Jet Black e cigarette kit, and ROK Star performance cigarette 2.0. These kits range in price from £24.99 to £59.99. Their e-cigs all have the appearance of real cigarettes with the exception of their top tier ROK Star performance electronic cigarette, which is cleverly disguised as a fountain pen when not in use. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at their Universal E Cigarette original starter kit with a manufacturer market price of £44.99 as this kit will appeal to the majority of buyers.

Reasons to Buy

  • Variety of flavours included
  • Durable personal charge case
  • Long battery life
  • USB and Wall charger included

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Bland light flavor
  • Warranty voided if refilled with e-liquids

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ROK Electronic Cigarette Review – Update September 2013

ROK Electronic Cigarettes has revamped a great deal of their electronic cigarette products since my last ROK electronic cigarette review. New products from the ROK Universal line of e-cigarette products include their ROK Icon Starter, premium ROK Legend Kit and e-cigars.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the ROK Electronic Cigarettes ICON Starter Kit, which is currently marketed at £39.99. For this price, buyers are provided with a personal charge case, 2x rechargeable batteries, 6x cartomizers, USB charge lead, and a user manual. Unlike the original starter, the PCC in the ICON starter has a matte black rubberized texture to it. It’s also noticeable slimmer than the ROK original starter kit. Opening the PCC reveals space for three separate cartomisers, one battery and a fully assembled e-cigarette. The included batteries are rated at 140mAh while the PCC is 1100mAh, which should easily provide for an entire day of vaping without needing a power source. Cartomisers included in the ROK ICON Starter are 3x tobacco, 1x coffee, 1x cherry and 1x vanilla. A great move on the part of ROK since this provides new users with a chance to try their most popular flavours.

Moving onto the ROK Legend electronic cigarette kit, which retails for £49.99 and is a tank-based electronic cigarette device. Definitely a value for those looking for a tank-based system, the kit comes with 2x rechargeable batteries, 2x tankomisers, 2x lids, USB charging lead, leatherette pouch and instruction manual. As is typically the case for tank-based e-cigarettes, the ROK Legend features a manual battery. Their tank fits an impressive 2.4mL of e-liquid. I personally found that the performance of the vaporizer improved after five drags. This was probably due to the warming of the coils. A stainless exterior and transparent tank are what’s visible from the exterior. Definitely a premium appearance for a refillable electronic cigarette in this price range!

Finally, the e-cigar from ROK is marketed as the ROK Stogie and sold for £11.99. The company seems to be targeting the appearance of a traditional cigar but falls short. Of course, this is a difficult task. Moving past the aesthetics, I was surprised by the vapour production from the ROK stogie e-cigar, as it consistently emitted a large volume of vapour. The 1.6% nicotine content probably helped to add to my experience while vaping, which I found to be rather enjoyable. ROK claims their e-cigars should last in the vicinity of 1,100 puffs and I was unable to verify this figure as of yet. In the traditional ROK fashion, a blue light illuminates at the battery end of the e-cigar.

Like many electronic cigarette companies, ROK has chosen to improve their line of products with developing consumer demands. Overall, ROK has taken a step in the right direction with better technology, range of products and reasonable pricing.

ROK Electronic Cigarette Review – Aesthetics

The ROK Universal E Cigarette original starter kit arrives packaged in a rather nice royal blue box. Opening the box reveals the personal carrying case (PCC), 5 cartomisers, 2 rechargeable batteries, wall charger, USB charger, Smoking & The Law information card, and user manual. We must say that ROK’s original starter kit’s PCC has a quality appearance but simultaneously seems durable enough to endure the rigors of a daily commute.

“Quality appearance but simultaneously seems durable”

Despite being made mostly of rubber, ROK’s patented PCC is “crush proof” so you can throw it into any bag and not concern yourself with where it falls. Printed on the back is a label warning users that nicotine is highly addictive. ROK’s 2-piece e-cigarette does have the appearance of a real cigarette from a few feet but touching the device immediately reveals it’s true nature.

ROK Electronic Cigarette Review – Flavour & Vaping

2 strong, 2 medium and 1 light e-cigarette tips are included in the original starter kit. The ROK strong original tobacco flavor includes 16mb per unit(1.6%) of nicotine. I found these to be fairly smooth but a bit too strong for our taste. Their medium-bodied original tobacco flavor contained slightly less nicotine at 11mb per unit (1.1%) and these were rather easy to vape most consistently. ROK’s light original tobacco flavor cartomiser has a rather meager 6mg per unit (0.6%) nicotine content which I found to be almost devoid of taste. In order to vape, the user must screw in the cartomiser into the battery. Buyers should take note that diminishing battery levels are slightly noticeable in regard to vapour quality.



The entire device is roughly 86mm in length and has a blue LED at the battery tip that’s activating during vaping. Each cartomiser is equivalent to about 15 normal cigarettes. ROK recommends that users refrain from refilling the original cartomisers with e-liquids as this may damage them (and also void warranty).

ROK Electronic Cigarette Review – Technical Features & Battery Life

rok-battery rok-charger “Carry on with their day without having to recharge” A single charge of the PCC’s built-in battery permits users to charge their battery stems up to 5 times. This is mainly due to the 950mAh battery that’s built into the PCC. The combination of the PCC and 90mAh battery stems will allow the average user to carry on with their day without having to recharge. A nice feature is the low battery light indicator that causes the blue LED to flash reminder the user to recharge.
rok-legend Charging is made convenient with the available USB and wall adapter. However, we found recharging via the wall adapter to take considerably less time than with the USB cable.

ROK Universal covers their USB and three pin wall adapters for a period of 12 months from the purchase date. Personal charging cases and ROK premium electronic cigarette batteries are warrantied for 6-months. E-cigarette battery stems carry a warranty of 60 days. However, their warranty does stipulate that items will not be covered if the malfunction is due to misuse or tampering.

ROK Electronic Cigarette Review – About The Company

“Customer base has since spread globally” ROK Universal is a subsidiary of Smoke With Out Sin Ltd. based out of the United Kingdom. Specialising in the sale of quality electronic cigarettes, ROK is both an Internet Shopping is Safe (ISIS) and Internet Delivery is Safe (IDIS) accredited retailer. ROK is also a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) and Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) gold associate member. Since it’s inception in the U.K., ROK’s customer base has since spread globally to include Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and Romania. Additionally, they’re a proud supporter of Battery Recycling in Britain.