Nucig Review 2021
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The global electronic cigarette provider, NUCIG Limited released its first advanced pro model over 6 years ago and is currently in its 4th generation. NUCIG is family-owned and based out of the UK, which means no charging issues while at home. The NUCIG website currently features a total of 6 international stores: UK, USA, Sweden, Germany, Cyprus and Finland. NUCIG offers a total of three [non-sampler/ trial] kit categories: Mini, Starter and Full. Within the starter kit section is their best seller, the NUCIG Advanced Pro 4 (AP4) Starter Kit alongside the 3for2 AP4 and Ultimate Starter Kit. The AP4 starter kit has a market price of £69.99 and comes in three colors: natural, black or pink. The current generation Advanced Pro features a 2-piece design electronic cigarette. Gone are the days of having a separate atomiser, cartridge and battery. The AP4 starter kit includes: 2 lithium batteries (140mAh), 5 cartomisers, 1 portable charging case (1200mAh), USB power cable, USB to Mains adapter and a user manual.

Reasons to Buy

  • Smooth & consistent drags
  • Feels like a traditional cig
  • 1200mAh charge case
  • Variety of strengths

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Generic chargers
  • High price

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Nucig Review – Aesthetics

The NUCIG Advanced Pro 4 Kit comes neatly packaged in a white box similar to one that would house an iPad or iPhone or tablet of some sort. Pulling the top cover reveals the portable charging case and two batteries. The black charging case is a bit too shiny for my taste and features spots for 2 cartomisers, 1 assembled e-cigarette and 1 battery being charged. The case opens by pressing on the anterior face down causing the top to automatically flip up and back. This is nice touch that I have yet to see from competitors. After pressing the charging the power button, the LED lights on the face of the charging case indicate the battery life remaining.

“The black charging case is a bit too shiny”

The USB charger and USB-to-Mains adapter both look rather generic and of subpar quality when compared to the rest of the NUCIG kit. The five cartomisers included are enclosed in a child-safe container akin to an ibuprofen bottle. Another well thought out features to keep children from tampering with or possibly ingesting the cartomisers. NUCIG AP4 batteries are similar in appearance to E-Lites with concentric rings contrasting the white. It seems that more and more e-cigarette companies are emulating one another everyday. AP4 batteries are a great deal similar in size and feel to that of a normal cigarette (when attached to the cartomiser). Traditional cigarette smokers switching to e-cigs will appreciate the familiar appearance.

Nucig Review – Flavour & Vaping

Following market trends, NUCIG’s AP4 electronic cigarettes now feature a two-piece system in which the nicotine cartridge and battery have been consolidated into a “cartomiser”. The upside to a two-piece system is convenience while the downside is the inability to refill these units without breaching the warranty. Screwing the cartomisers into the battery completes the assembly and you’re ready to vape. A simple drag and the vapour travels into your mouth like a traditional cigarette while the LED light at the battery tip illuminates.

A total of five cartomisers are included: two high nicotine (18mg), one medium (12mg), one low (6mg) and one zero nicotine content. Other cartomiser flavours are also available as refills: LYK-Marl, Menthol as well as some fruit flavours. The cartomisers are advertised to be equivalent to roughly 30 traditional cigarettes per. I found the medium (12mg nicotine) cartomisers to be smooth with a drag distinctly electronic but also pleasant.

nucig-case nucig-cartomizer However, I did enjoy that you could truly taste the vapour, as it wasn’t overly bland (perhaps that would be the case in the low strength cartomiser). Drags also tended to be more consistent and smooth than comparable electronic cigarettes. Buyers should also consider that the AP4 kit is at the upper pricing end of the electronic cigarette spectrum.

Nucig Review – Technical Features & Battery

nucig-battery nucig-usb-charger “impressive for such a small factor e-cig” NUCIG batteries are 140mAH and measure 97mm. Their width of 8.5mm and 11g weight make them feel closer to a traditional cigarette when assembled. I was only able to achieve approx. 100 drags from the AP4 batters despite being advertised at 160 draws per full charge. Despite the disparity between what’s advertised and the actual value, 100 drags are impressive for such a small factor e-cig. Charging of the batteries take approximately two hours when plugged into the Mains.
nucig-eliquid The overly shiny black 1200mAh charging case is slightly larger than a traditional pack with dimensions of 106x64x20mm. Charging of the personal charging case is accomplished by plugging in the mini-USB charger into the base and takes roughly 90 minutes. A fully charged charging case provides users with the ability to fully charge 5 batteries before the case itself needs to recharge. Users should also note that there is only one slot for charging a battery at a time. Screw-free charging makes it easier to pull the battery out of the case after charging.

NUCIG LTD warranties vary quite dramatically based on their identity. Atomizers are rated to last 14- 60 days and as a result carry a 21-day warranty. Although consumable, batteries are covered under NUCIG warranty for a period of 30 days (rated from 28-90 days). Portable charging cases are expected to last between 45- 120 days but are warrantied for 45 days. Electrical cables carry a 12-month warranty while disposable product warranty is limited to a mere 5 days (cartomisers).

Nucig Review – About The Company

“subject to immense growth over the years” NUCIG LTD is a family-owned electronic cigarette supplier that is based locally in the UK. Their first electronic cigarette, the original NUCIG Advanced Pro model was released in 2007 and has since been improved upon into the current 4th generation NUCIG Advanced Pro (released in 2013). NUCIG LTD has been subject to immense growth over the years and as a result is now a global company shipping as far as USA and Canada. NUCIG LTD’s main facility is located Huddersfield, England.