Nicolites Review 2021
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Nicolites is an electronic cigarette distributor based out of Aston that’s aimed at more cost-conscious e-cigarette buyers. The company has a product selection that includes both rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes, cartomisers as well as accessories. Disposable Nicolites electronic cigarettes are only available in Menthol and Tobacco flavours. Buyers of either flavour may choose between 16mg and 11mg nicotine strengths. A total of three flavours are available for the cartomisers intended for rechargeable systems. This includes Cherry, Menthol and Tobacco.

A single starter kit is featured on Nicolites main page marketed at £19.99. The Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is comprised of (1) USB charger, (2) cartomisers and (1) rechargeable battery. Let’s explore how the Nicolites starter kit compares to other budget-friendly electronic cigarette starters.

Reasons to Buy

  • Tobacco Flavour
  • Low Price

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Short Cartomizer Life

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Nicolites Review – Aesthetics

The Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes packaged in translucent plastic, similar to lip balm you’d find at any grocer. Nicolites seems to be cutting back on elegant packaging that’s often seen on more expensive electronic cigarette kits to help keep their costs down. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since their starter kit is one of the cheapest available on the market.

“starter kit is one of the cheapest available”

After opening the plastic shell, users will find that the cartomizers have a hygienic cap on both ends while the battery is white with silver ring encircling it. The Nicolites rechargeable battery has a rather long branding of the actual Nicolites website address in a blue colour and written lengthwise. I’m definitely not a fan of this website branding as it’s obtrusive to the entire design. What’s even worse is that typing the address listed leads to an unrelated webpage. A big mistake? Certainly. Moving past the overtly large branding, the assembled Nicolites electronic cigarette appears similar to many other low cost e-cigs in the current UK market.

Nicolites Review – Flavour & Vaping

Nicolites offers a total of three cartomizer refill flavours that include: Cherry, Tobacco and Menthol. Each of these flavours are available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 6mg, 11mg and 16mg. These nicotine strengths on their webpage are referred to as Zero, Low, Medium and High, respectively. The Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a two-piece e-cigarette comprised of a cartomizer and battery.

In order to vape, users must simply screw the cartomizer into the battery. The user will then almost instantly feel the vapour produced as they take a drag and see the battery end light up. Nicolites electronic cigarettes are known to produce sufficient vapour and their Tobacco flavour are a favourite of many. I am surprised to see that Nicolites has restricted themselves to only three flavours with the growing number of cartomizer flavours being offered by other e-cig companies.

nicolites-disposable nicolites-cartomizer

Nicolites Review – Technical Features & Battery

nicolites-battery nicolites-charger Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit unfortunately does not include a personal charge case but that should come as a surprise at this price point. The Nicolites rechargeable battery is the typical size for electronic cigarettes on the market. The battery can be easily charged by screwing into the included USB adapter, which is in turn, plugged into a power source.

The USB charge adapter looks rather flimsy and generic but that is expected with one of the lowest priced electronic cigarette starter kits on the market. Electrical components of the Nicolites electronic cigarette are more than sufficient for its price and should satisfy users in this market.

nicolites-accessories-pack “rechargeable battery is the typical size” Electronic cigarettes products purchased through Nicolites website are warrantied depending on the nature of their use. Electrical components such as USB adapters, wall adapters, batteries and rechargeable personal charge cases are warrantied for life under their warranty. While consumable Nicolites products such as cartomisers and disposable electronic cigarettes are not covered under any implied warranty. Nicolites has a separate clause for items received faulty that gives buyers a 14-day window from the time they report the issue to return the item to be eligible for a refund or replacement.

Nicolites Review – About The Company

“sells both disposable and rechargeable e-cigs”Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes is an electronic cigarette distributor based out of Aston, England. The company sells both disposable and rechargeable e-cigs as well as electronic cigarette accessories. Nicolites customer service support staff is available via email and telephone.