multi CIG Review 2021
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Founded in 2012, multi CIG Electronic Cigarettes is a fairly new company that offers compelling incentives for those interested in their e-cig products. These incentives include free delivery within the UK on orders over £50, 1-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a “trial kit: offered at a discounted rate. multi CIG sells a plethora of electronic cigarette products that span from starter kits to disposable e-cigs.

multi CIG offers only one electronic cigarette starter kit at a market price of £69.99. For this price, users will receive: 1X PCC, 2X classic tobacco flavoured cartomisers, 2X menthol flavoured cartomisers, 1X vanilla flavoured cartomiser, 2X rechargeable multi CIG batteries, 1X USB charge adapter, and 1X Mains adapter

Reasons to Buy

  • Feature-rich PCC
  • Appearance

Reasons to Reconsider

  • 6 cartomiser flavours
  • Price

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multi CIG Review – Aesthetics

The only starter kit offered by multi CIG comes packaged in a sleek black cardboard box with its logo imprinted in white colour on the top face. Opening the packaging requires the user to flip open the front, revealing the personal charge case securely positioned on the right and the charge accessories on the left. This company has done a superb job in packaging the contents of their starter kit.

“clean white colour with angled lines giving it a premium appearance”

Inside the PCC were the two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in a clean white colour with angled lines giving it a premium appearance. As is typically the case, the company logo can be found near the battery-cartomiser junction. Cartomisers are packed into a separate smaller box, which are easily distinguished by colour and printed labels. To match the battery, the cartomiser are also white in colour but lack the angled lines present on the battery. Overall, multi CIG has succeeded in the department of aesthetics in terms of packaging and the actual vaping device.

multi CIG Review – Flavour & Vaping

multi CIG’s only starter kit features a 2-piece electronic cigarette that’s composed of a cartomiser and rechargeable battery. Within the cartomiser is the e-liquid that’s heated to produce the vapour during use. Assembling the apparatus is fairly straightforward and only requires the screwing together of the two parts. A simple inhale on the cartomiser end will simultaneously illuminate the battery end’s light and produce the vapour.

With three different cartomiser flavours included in the starter pack, multi CIG gives buyers the chance to determine what may ultimately be their favourite. In total, the company currently sells 6 different cartomiser flavours so having 3 included in the starter is a great start. Two nicotine strengths are offered, which include bold and regular at 18mg and 16mg, respectively. Inhaling on the assembled e-cig produces sufficient vapour without overwhelming the senses. As for flavour, tobacco is an easy favourite of mine but as tastes vary, so do preferences. Overall, not a bad way to go if you’re specifically interested in multi CIG’s products!

multi-cig-cartomizer multi-cig-case

multi CIG Review – Technical Features & Battery

multi-cig-battery multi-cig-charger multi CIG’s single offering of an electronic cigarette starter kit comes packed with a feature-rich black personal charge case. An LED charge indicator meter can be found on the anterior face with blue backlighting. multi CIG claims that their fully charged PCC can charge up to eight batteries before needing a recharge itself. Additionally, their PCC can simultaneously charge a battery while being charged itself. This is often not the case with other brands currently on the market.
“PCC can simultaneously charge a battery while being charged itself” Ideal charging of the PCC is accomplished via a USB cable and the mains adapter. Buyers should be aware that the kit does not come with a means to charging the batteries without the PCC. multi CIG includes rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are fairly standard for this price range. Although a single battery is unlikely to get a user through an entire day of vaping, two batteries and the PCC do provide more than enough power for this.

multi-cig-disposable Products purchased directly from the multi CIG website carry a warranty period of varying periods based on their general use. PCCs carry the longest warranty at 12-months from the delivery date. Given the consumable nature of batteries and refills, these products have a 30-day warranty period. Any promise of warranty is automatically voided if it is discovered that product(s) are improperly maintained, used and/ or tampered with.

multi CIG Review – About The Company

“most shipments leaving their facility in less than 24 hours”multi CIG Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2012 out of Nottingham, here in the UK. The e-cigarette company offers a wide array of products ranging from starter kits and accessories to disposable and even a trial kit. They offer free shipping on orders within the UK totaling over £50 with most shipments leaving their facility in less than 24 hours. The multi CIG customer support staff is available over the phone and through an online submission form.