Mirage Cigarettes Review 2021
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UK-based electronic cigarette distributor, Mirage Cigarettes was founded in the early years of the e-cigarette’s entry into Europe. The company is officially registered as Mirage Cigarettes Ltd. and sells its products exclusively to those over 18 years of age. As of this time, Mirage does not arrange shipment of their products outside the UK, which means buyers are solely responsible for arranging carriers.

A wide array of products can be found on the homepage, which cover the majority of the essentials necessary to begin vaping. These include but are not limited to: electronic cigarette starter kits, cartridges, cartomisers, atomizers, batteries, drip tips and e-liquids. A total of four e-cig starters are currently being advertised that range in price from £5.99 for the disposable to £45.00 for a manual battery tank-based electronic cigarette. This places Mirage Cigarettes in the budget end of the market. Their EROS CE4 e-cig starter kit includes: 2X 650mAh batteries, 2X clearomisers, 1X USB charge cable, and 1X e-liquid for a market price of £45.00 making it a very appealing option to those new to vaping. Therefore, this kit will be the main focus of this review with comparisons drawn to other e-cig starters.

Reasons to Buy

  • Refillable Tank
  • Two Batteries

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Better options

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Mirage Cigarettes Review – Aesthetics

Mirage Electronic Cigarette’s EROS CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes packed into a black and white coloured cardboard box with the company logo clearly displayed in gold lettering. Opening the outer box reveals neatly arranged compartments for each component. The USB charge cable is sufficient length and works via a screw-in mechanism. A brief user guide is also included that covers the necessary information to get a user to start vaping.

“looks fairly premium for a non-premium price”

The batteries feature a premium soft-touch matte black grip area just below the on/off button. Drip tips in the kit are also black, while the clearomisers feature chrome accents and a plastic viewing window, allowing users to see how much e-liquid they have remaining. The company branding is printed in white over the black regions of the battery. Fully assembled, I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarity between the EROS CE4 e-cigarette and the tank-based e-cigs offered by EcigWizard and TABlites, to name a few. Perhaps it’s a coincidence? Or the more likely case that they’re manufactured in the same place? Nevertheless, the device looks fairly premium for a non-premium price.

Mirage Cigarettes Review – Flavour & Vaping

Flavour options for the EROS CE4 E-cigarette Starter come standard with either tobacco or menthol e-liquids. However, in the product description, the company mentions that users can opt for other flavours by placing their choice in the comments box during checkout. 25 different flavours of e-liquids are currently being sold through Mirage’s main webpage consisting of two variations of tobacco along with flavours as unconventional as Amber Leaves and Cola. For those curious about trying an assortment of flavours, we recommend looking into the Oasis e-liquid sample pack but keep in mind that the nicotine strength is restricted to 1.8%.

Their website is somewhat misleading by calling the tank-atomizer component a cartomizer. To clear up any confusion, the EROS CE4 starter comes with a clearomiser that allows you to view your e-liquid levels. Like many tank electronic cigarettes, filling the clearomiser is simple and requires dripping in the e-liquid of your choice into the chamber. After turning on the battery via the only button on the apparatus, a drag will initiate the production of vapour. Vapour production from the EROS CE4 e-cig is more than sufficient but does tend to produce a slight high-pitched noise when taking a drag. Flavouring will depend on what you opt for with the tobacco being a favourite of most Mirage patrons.

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Mirage Cigarettes Review – Technical Features & Battery

mirage-cigarettes-battery mirage-cigarettes-disposable The battery packaged into the Mirage Electronic Cigarettes EROS CE4 Starter is rated at 650mAh. This provides users with sufficient power to complete if not get close to vaping throughout an entire day without needing a recharge. Those that require more vaping time need not worry as this kit does provide users with two batteries for this very reason. Like all manual lithium-ion batteries, these feature a single button that allows users to control when their device is operable.
“Those that require more vaping time need not worry” A single USB charge cable is included in the kit with the option of adding a single USB-to-Mains adapter for an additional £2.99. Keep in mind that most generic USB-to-Mains adapter should work just fine. To charge the battery, one must screw the battery into the USB charge lead and into an appropriate power source. I always recommend users to charge their e-cigs through the mains versus a computer since it has a more consistent power flow. Charging of the two batteries should present no issues since users can charge one battery while using the other. mirage-cigarettes-gold-starter-kit Products purchased from Mirage Cigarettes come with a 28-day warranty period from the date of receipt. Their warranty page states that atomizers and batteries are consumable products with a foreseeable life so the company recommends purchasing additional components for when the electrical devices fail.

Mirage Cigarettes Review – About The Company

“founded in the early years of the industry”Mirage Cigarettes is a Sheffield-based electronic cigarette distributor that was founded in the early years of the industry, in 2008. Along with several other e-cigarette firms, Mirage established the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, better known as ECITA, to regulate the quality of e-cigarette released on the market. Mirage Cigarettes Limited allows potential and current patrons to contact them via a form on their company webpage, snail mail, e-mail or by calling in.