Lucky 8s Review 2021
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Lucky 8s Premium Electronic Cigarettes aims to deliver traditional cigarette smokers a non-tobacco alternative with a familiar look. Lucky 8s sells an array of electronic cigarette products that feature disposable or rechargeable e-cigarettes. Buyers are currently given the option between two starter kits: Ultimate eCigarette and Soft Pack starter kits. These have a suggested market price of £49.99 and £24.99, respectively. Four cartomiser refill flavours are available from Lucky 8s, which include: classic tobacco, apple, cherry and menthol. Both starter kits contain the classic tobacco cartomisers. Unlike most electronic cigarette companies, Lucky 8s has a single nicotine content offering of 16mg on all of their cartridges with plans to expand the range in the future. The Lucky 8s Ultimate starter kit includes: (1) portable charge case, (2) rechargeable batteries, (5) cartomisers, (1) mains wall adapter, (1) USB charger, and (1) user guide. Comparable electronic cigarette starters include the SKYCIG freedom and more costly, E-Lites E-Pro 4 kits. In this Lucky 8s review, we’ll delve deeper into how Lucky 8s Ultimate e cigarette starter kit stacks up.

Reasons to Buy

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Personal Charge Case
  • Classic tobacco flavour
  • 12-month warranty

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Kit lacks direct e-cig charger
  • Unknown long term reliability

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Lucky 8s Review – Aesthetics

The Lucky 8s Ultimate e Cigarette starter kit comes packaged in a premium quality white presentation box with a magnetic flap. Opening the flap reveals the user guide, mains adapter, USB charger, and the personal charge case. The mains adapter appears generic while the charging cable has a translucent plastic on the USB end. Lucky 8s included user guide is informative with plenty of instructional photos for those new to electronic cigarettes. The included personal charge case seems to be made of a hard plastic with a soft premium coating. You won’t find any high tech LED lights or charge bars on the exterior of this PCC. Lucky 8s appears to be aiming for a more traditional cigarette pack appearance with their PCC and should consider themselves successful in that regard.

“the Lucky 8s device is hard to distinguish from a traditional tobacco cigarette even from two meters away”

Opening up the PCC reveals 5 classic tobacco cartomisers and two rechargeable batteries with all slots occupied. Lucky 8s PCC allows for the charging of a single battery and an additional space for a fully assembled e-cigarette. This allows users to store up to 6 cartomisers and 2 batteries (one assembled e-cig). Users should note that the Lucky 8s Ultimate starter does not include a direct charger for the e-cig batteries, which means you’ll have to charge via the PCC every time. The fully assembled electronic cigarette measures 88mm x 10mm with a weight just shy of 12 grams. I found the green band around the classic tobacco cartomiser to be a bit misleading as most companies use this colour to indicate a menthol flavour. Nevertheless, the entire apparatus has a quality feel to it. Furthermore, those in pursuit of an inconspicuous electronic cigarette will be pleased that the Lucky 8s device is hard to distinguish from a traditional tobacco cigarette even from two meters away.

Lucky 8s Review – Flavour & Vaping

Current flavours offered by Lucky 8s include: classic tobacco, apple, cherry and menthol, which all contain 16mg of nicotine. Refill cartomiser packs come with 5 cartridges. Once again, Lucky 8s starter kits come standard with classic tobacco. As with all automatic 2-piece electronic cigarette systems, vaping is as easy as taking a drag. Lucky 8s decided to go with a red LED at the battery end, which indicates that the atomiser is producing vapour.

The classic tobacco flavour was pleasantly reminiscent of a classic tobacco cigarette without all the smoke, of course. I found that a typical drag produced an adequate amount of vapour and the device did not overheat after consistent use. The company rated this particular cartomiser as being equivalent to about 23 traditional cigarettes but I found it to be a bit closer to 20. With all electronic cigarettes, personal habits (duration of drag, intensity, consistency, etc) can vary these figures quite a bit. Overall, I found the Lucky 8s rechargeable e-cig to be a worthwhile alternative to better known electronic cigarettes offered by Green Smoke and SKYCIG.

lucky-8s-soft-pack lucky-8s-refill

Lucky 8s Review – Technical Features & Battery

lucky-8s-battery lucky-8s-charger Lucky 8s Premium Electronic Cigarettes warranties their charging products for a period of up to 12 months. Their charging products consist of the USB charger, mains charger, car charger and the personal charging case. Defective components will be replaced or repaired at Lucky 8s discretion during the warranty period and is restricted to the original purchaser. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and products must be packaged with the original sales receipt.

The personal charge case included in the Lucky 8s Ultimate starter kit is not adorned with any techy LED lights but instead appears very similar to a traditional pack of cigarettes. To charge the PCC, one must simply plug in the USB charge cable and optional mains adapter. A blue light at the end of the USB cable will disappear once the PCC is full charged.

lucky-8s-starter-kit “found these figures to be fairly accurate during my short-term Lucky 8s review” Charging of the e-cig batteries is accomplished by screwing them into second to the far right slot in the PCC (PCC must be unplugged). A red light on the right of the charge case will illuminate and begin to illuminate once the battery is fully charged. The PCC’s internal battery is rated at 950mAh while the e-cig lithium batteries are rated at 90mAh. Fully charging the case is a suggested 4 ½ hours while charging the e-cig batteries via the PCC takes 1 ½ hours. I found these figures to be fairly accurate during my short-term review.

Unfortunately, as with comparable starter kits, Lucky 8s Ultimate starter kit does not include a charger capable of directly charging the e-cig batteries without the PCC. However, a direct charger is offered on their website for those who need it. I found the PCC to be more capable of charging the e-cig lithium batteries.

Lucky 8s Review – About The Company

“warranties their charging products for a period of up to 12 months”Lucky 8s was founded in February 2012 by Matthew McMinn and is a subsidiary of Tenacious Monkey Limited, which is registered and operated in the UK. Based out of London, the company offers telephone support Monday through Friday 9am-6pm weekly. I personally opted to reach them using email in order to ask several technical questions and found their reply to be rather quick.