LiteJoy Review 2021
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Like many emerging electronic cigarette companies, Litejoy is hoping to claim their own share of the rapidly expanding electronic cigarette market. Litejoy’s main headquarters is located locally in Leicester with a comprehensive retail website under the same name. Brick and mortar retail shops carrying Litejoy products can be found throughout the UK. Litejoy markets and distributes everything from electronic cigarette devices to e-liquids and tank-based vapourisers.

Litejoy currently sells a total of four different electronic cigarette starter kits ranging in price from £7.99 to £39.99. The lower price point of these starters places Litejoy in the category of budget electronic cigarettes. In recent months I’ve become rather fond of personal charge cases, as I’m sure a great deal of vapers have. The Litejoy E Cigarette PCC Starter Kit carries the highest market price of any of the company’s e-cig starters at £39.99. For this price, you’ll get: (4) flavoured cartomisers, (2) black rechargeable lithium ion batteries and (1) personal charge case. No option for cartomiser flavour and nicotine strength is given for this starter with Classic Original Tobacco at 1.8% nicotine concentration standard. In this LiteJoy review, I’ll explore the Litejoy E Cigarette PCC Starter Kit since it’s convenient PCC is likely to appeal to a greater deal of e-cig users.

Reasons to Buy

  • Low Cost
  • Vapour Production

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Strong Flavour
  • Polarizing Appearance

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LiteJoy Review – Aesthetics

Users will find the Litejoy E Cigarette PCC Starter Kit neatly packed into a black cardboard box with the company’s logo found on multiple faces. Opening the starter kit requires users to lift the top exposing the included personal charging case. The Litejoy PCC is a matte black colour and features a battery indicator screen on its front face. Litejoy chose to name their current PCC the “LJPRO-1”, giving away that it’s their first version. I personally did not like the fact that the model number is printed on the front face. Unfortunately, the LJPRO-1 does not look better than competitors’ offerings.

“The looks did not appeal to my personal tastes in the least”

Removing the PCC from the packaging will reveal four classic original flavour cartomisers, two rechargeable batteries as well as the USB charge cable. The batteries feature an interesting rounded pattern with the company URL prominently displayed lengthwise in purple. The Litejoy logo and name can be found encircling the cartomiser ends. The usual procedure for assembling a 2-piece electronic cigarette is followed resulting in a rather polarizing electronic cigarette. The looks did not appeal to my personal tastes in the least bit but I’m sure others will find it to be more fitting for their style.

LiteJoy Review – Flavour & Vaping

Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes markets a total of nine non-refillable cartomiser flavours and 20 e-liquid flavours. The company does market a pack of five empty e-cigarette cartomisers allowing users to use their favourite e-liquids. This is also advantageous financially since e-liquids are typically cheaper per liquid volume than cartomisers, saving buyers some money. However, buyers of the Litejoy E Cigarette PCC Starter will find that they’re confined to the Classic Original Tobacco flavour with 18mg of nicotine cartomisers.

Like many 2-piece electronic cigarettes in this price range, the battery is automatic. Inhaling at the cartomiser end produces the desired vapour with a purple LED indicating that the entire process is occurring. Vapour production from the Litejoy e-cig was more than sufficient but unfortunately I found the classic original flavour to be a bit too strong for my taste.

litejoy-cartomizer litejoy-shisha

LiteJoy Review – Technical Features & Battery

litejoy-case litejoy-battery The Litejoy E Cigarette PCC Starter Kit is the only starter in their line that includes a personal charge case. This is probably due to the fact that they’re targeting the lower priced e-cig market. Litejoy’s LJPRO-1 PCC is nothing stunning with a matte black colour found on the majority of its body. The PCC does feature an LED battery display, two battery-charging slots, and allows for the storage of four cartomisers. A nice touch is that this PCC does permit the simultaneous charging of two batteries. Very convenient for a heavy smoker or a smoking couple with access to only one PCC!

Two black rechargeable batteries are found in this starter kit that can be charged either by the included PCC or direct USB adapter (sold separately). Charging times are very much in line with most e-cigarette batteries and last around the norm. The obvious advantage of this kit over other Litejoy starters is the PCC. Depleted battery life of the PCC is denoted on the front face with clear battery bars.

litejoy-charger “PCC does permit the simultaneous charging of two batteries” Their returns and replacements policy is contingent upon the all faulty product be returned within 30-days of the delivery date. If for whatever reason, the buyer is dissatisfied with unused, unopened Litejoy electronic cigarette, they may return it within 7-days. In this case, the buyer is responsible for delivery and return postage. Consumable products such as clearomisers and batteries carry a warranty period of 30-days while charging devices are covered for 12-months. Charging devices include wall adapters, personal charge cases and USB chargers.

LiteJoy Review – About The Company

“available for purchase in a wide variety of B&M retail stores scattered throughout the UK”Based out of Leicester, Litejoy Electronic Cigarettes distributes everything from electronic cigarettes and e-shishas to tank-based vapourisers. LiteJoy vaping products are available for purchase in a wide variety of B&M retail stores scattered throughout the UK. Customer support is available over-the-phone and via their online contact form.