Lifestyle Cigarettes Review 2021
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Based out of Dorset, Lifestyle Cigarettes is an electronic cigarette distributor that’s hoping to capitalize on the rapidly expanding e-cigarette industry. Lifestyle Cigarettes markets a total of 7 e-cig starters and 8 cartomizer flavours. Cartomizer flavours include: tobacco, menthol, chocolate, apple, cherry, coffee, green tea and vanilla. Their starter kits range in suggested prices from £49.95 to £99.99, even including an electronic cigar starter.

The mid-range Lifestyle Electronic Cigarette Red Kit is priced at £59.90 and offers everything necessary to get a new vaper started. The Red Starter comes packaged with: 1x rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 1x USB charge adapter, 1x cigarette box, and 7x cartomizer refills. Comparable e-cigarette starter kits include the SkyCig Freedom, E-Lites E-Pro 4, and Green Smoke Express Kit. Let’s explore what sets the Lifestyle Cigarette Red Starter Kit apart from their competition.

Reasons to Buy

  • Classic appearance
  • Lifetime Warranty

Reasons to Reconsider

  • No PCC
  • One Battery

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Lifestyle Cigarettes Review – Aesthetics

Lifestyle Cigarette’s Red e-cigarette starter kit comes packaged in a red and white cardboard box that most people would mistake for a traditional tobacco cigarette box. The traditional cigarette carton can store 2 cartomizers, 1 rechargeable battery and the USB charge adapter comfortably. A very nice touch, Lifestyle Cigarette. The remaining five cartomizers are packaged in a separate white box and sealed by the typical aluminum material.

“most people would mistake for a traditional tobacco cigarette box”

The assembled Lifestyle Cigarette electronic cigarette is rather nice featuring the industry standard faux ash battery end. The company logo can be found on the battery portion near the battery-cartomizer junction. Lifestyle Cigarette’s device certainly does not appeal to those looking for a modern touch but is likely to resonate with those that want the traditional look of a tobacco cigarette. Overall, not a bad approach in an increasingly competitive e-cigarette market of different designs and colours.

Lifestyle Cigarettes Review – Flavour & Vaping

As mentioned previously, Lifestyle Cigarettes offers a range of 8 cartomizer flavours. Flavours include tobacco, menthol, chocolate, apple, cherry, coffee, green tea and vanilla. Former tobacco cigarette smokers are likely to stick with classics like tobacco and menthol, which we recommend all users to try first. Users that find themselves growing tired of these flavours are encourage to explore Lifestyle Cigarette’s green tea and apple. Buyers of the Lifestyle Cigarette Red Starter are restricted to tobacco and menthol flavours. Both flavours are available in either 18mg (lights) and 24mg (normal) nicotine strengths.

Lifestyle Cigarette’s two-piece e-cig device is no different that any other 2-piece e-cig, requiring the screwing in of the cartomizer into the battery end. When the user inhales a cloud of vapour will permeate through the cartomizer end and the faux ash light will illuminate. Vapour production is nothing notable from the sea of other e-cigarettes currently on the market. An overwhelming consensus of users found the menthol and 18mg nicotine strength to be their favourite combination.

lifestyle-cigarettes-case lifestyle-cigarettes-cartomizer

Lifestyle Cigarettes Review – Technical Features & Battery

lifestyle-cigarettes-battery lifestyle-cigarettes-charger Only one rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included in the Lifestyle Cigarette Red Starter Kit. Furthermore, there is no personal charge case. This is somewhat of a disappointment at their suggested price of nearly £60. Their battery meets UK and EU safety regulations and comes with a lifetime defects warranty. As with all automatic batteries, users will not find any buttons or switches. Instead, the only action required to turn the battery on is a drag from the cartomizer end.
“somewhat of a disappointment at their suggested price” To charge the Lifestyle Cigarette battery, one must simply screw the battery into the included USB adapter and into a USB power source. Lifestyle Cigarette’s e-cigarette should be able to a conservative user through his/ her workday without an issue. However, those that often find themselves without a power source the majority of their day are heavily encouraged to invest in an additional battery to avoid the uncomfortable situation of waiting while the battery charges.


Lifestyle Cigarettes Review – About The Company

“also offers an Unwanted Goods Return Policy”Lifestyle Cigarettes is a distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories based out of Poole, Dorset. A lifetime warranty is provided on all products purchased directly from their online store. This warranty does not cover products that have been improperly used or maintained and only applies to the original purchaser. In addition to the warranty policy, Lifestyle Cigarettes also offers an Unwanted Goods Return Policy, which grants buyers the ability to return unsatisfactory items for a refund. In this case, buyers are held responsible for postage. Lifestyle Cigarettes customer support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm via telephone and e-mail.