Liberty Flights Review 2021
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Liberty Flights was launched in what is typically considered the early years of electronic cigarettes. Based out of Darwen, the company has experienced immense growth alongside that of the electronic cigarette industry as a whole. Liberty Flights’ product range covers everything from starter kits and e-liquids to modifications allowing for optimization based on specific users’ needs.

Over 30 flavours of e-liquids are available from Liberty Flights with varying nicotine strengths. Flavours encompass traditional tobacco and menthol to more experimental Energy Kick and Green Tea. The wide variety of flavours give users the option of switching e-liquids whenever they grow tired of a specific flavour. Although Liberty Flights offers a multitude of electronic cigarette starter kits, this review will focus on the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit as it’s well within the majority of e-cig users’ budgets. Marketed at £44.99, the Liberty Flights CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter includes: (2) clearomizers, (1) 5ml e-liquid, (2) manual eGo rechargeable batteries, (1) carry case and (1) USB charge cable. In terms of flavour, buyers are given the option in either menthol or traditional tobacco flavours available in 18mg strengths. Buyers may also choose between black or steel batteries. Let’s further explore what the CE4 Vision EGO DualKit has to offer.

Reasons to Buy

  • Refillable
  • Affordable

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Limited flavour options

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Liberty Flights Review – Aesthetics

An elegant black case houses the contents of the Liberty Flights CE4 Vision EGO Dual Starter. Prying open the black box reveals everything included. The included carrying case could and may consistently be mistaken for a premium brand eyeglass case. I found this to be great considering the negative stigma associated with carrying around anything resembling a cigarette pack. The included clearomizers seemed very typical of this price range while the manual batteries had a premium feel to them. If you opt for the brushed steel batteries, you’ll find that the Liberty Flight electronic cigarette looks great once assembled with chrome accents.

“Liberty Flight electronic cigarette looks great once assembled”

What’s refreshing about this starter kit is the USB charge cable that gives users flexibility with respect to how and where they charge their e-cig batteries. This is in contrast to e-cig manufacturers that gives restrict users to a USB adapter void of a flexible cable. Buyers interested in this Liberty Flights Starter should note that it does not include a USB mains adapter plug or adapter. Liberty Flights recommends charging their batteries in their optional LI-PO safe charging bag to reduce any possible damage.

Liberty Flights Review – Flavour & Vaping

Despite offering over 30 e-liquids flavours, buyers interested in Liberty Flights’ vision ego dual starter are limited to choosing between tobacco and menthol. The only nicotine strength available with this electronic cigarette starter kit is 1.8%. To use the Liberty Flights e-cigarette the included e-liquid must first be added drop-wise to the clearomizer tank. Then attachment of the battery to the clearomizer completes assembly.

Since the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter comes with a manual battery, the user must press down on the single button to ensure vapour production while vaping. Users overwhelming recommend going trying their tobacco e-liquid first since it’s somewhat similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Overall, the Liberty Flights eGo starter is sufficient in terms of both flavour and performance.

liberty-flights-vapourizer liberty-flights-cartomizer

Liberty Flights Review – Technical Features & Battery

liberty-flights-battery liberty-flights-charger Liberty Flights CE4 EGO V2 Dual Kit comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries rated at 650mAh. I strongly recommend spending the few extra pounds for the dual kit since having two batteries grants you the ability to vape throughout the day without a power source. The eGo rechargeable batteries from Liberty flights feature a 5-click on/ off mechanism. Like all manual batteries, users are responsible for pressing down on the button to supply power to the clearomizer, which produces the vapour.
“feature a 5-click on/ off mechanism” Recharging of the batteries is accomplished by screwing the battery into the included USB charge cable and into a power source. Liberty Flights conveniently guarantees their batteries for a period of 28-days following delivery. Users that have grown accustomed to personal charge cases will be disappointed to learn that the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter does not include one. However, PCCs are rarely if ever seen in electronic cigarette systems that utilize clearomizers. The majority of users will find that the two included batteries will easily get them through their day.

Products purchased directly from the Liberty Flights website are covered under a 14-day warranty restricted to faulty products. This leaves users who are dissatisfied with Liberty Flights e-cigarettes in properly working order without legal recourse. Additionally, warranty will not be honoured on products that have been improperly maintained or tampered with. liberty-flights-case

Liberty Flights Review – About The Company

“website also features specialized modification accessories”Liberty Flights was launched in 2009 and is a distributor of affordable electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids, and accessories. The company’s website also features specialized modification accessories designed to optimize electronic cigarettes based on personal preferences. Liberty Flight’s main UK headquarters is in Darwen with additional retail locations in Stockport, Rawtenstall, Leigh and the soon-to-be opened Clitheroe shop. Liberty Flights customer support is available via their support ticket system, e-mail and over-the-phone.