Intellicig Review 2021
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With sales in over 24 countries, UK-based Intellicig is establishing itself as a global electronic cigarette presence. The Intellicig Electronic Cigarette company (IEC) currently offers a total of 4 starter kits: Intellicig, Express, Starter Plus and Premium, respectively listed in ascending order of price. IEC is unique in that it offers buyers the option of their 2- or 3-piece e-cigarette systems (the latter being refillable). Buyers looking to save a few bucks will be sure to opt for their refillable 3-piece systems as these comparable 3-piece systems offered by competitors are being replaced with more costly disposable 2-piece systems (cartomiser & battery). The Intellicig Starter Kit has a current suggested market price of £29.95 and includes: your choice of 5 refills, 1 vapour device, 1 Intellicig battery and 1 USB charger. The price and features of the Intellicig Starter Kit place it in same entry-level e-cigarette market with Smoke Relief’s eCigarette Mini Starter (£31.93) and E-Lites E80 E-Cigarette Starter (£25.99). A quick glance at what’s included in each kit clearly shows that Smoke Relief’s Mini starter includes the greatest number of refills, however, only IEC’s kit contains a refillable system. This makes IEC’s kit cheaper in the long run. In this Intellicig review, we’ll delve deeper into how the Intellicig Starter Kit stacks up against competitors.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cheaper refills
  • Cost

Reasons to Reconsider

  • 3-piece system
  • Short Warranty
  • No Mains adapter

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Intellicig Review – Aesthetics

The Intellicig Starter Bundle is packaged in a white box with 2 smaller white “wallets” inside. The trifold wallet contained the empty vapour device, USB charger and the Intellicig battery as well some brief information on the product. Aside from the generic USB charger (pretty common), the vaping system looked of premium quality. The battery measured 61mm and the vapour device 35mm which makes the entire assembled apparatus a total of 95mm in length (comparable to Superkings). Buyers are given the option of 3 battery colours: white, black or silver; I opted for white. The entire e-cigarette system has a pleasant appearance featuring a silver ring at the battery-vape refill junction and “Intellicig” printed on the battery.

“entire e-cigarette system has a pleasant appearance”

The 5 UK-manufactured ECOpure refill capsules are housed in the bifold wallet and are accessed from the exterior. This kit is truly a “sampler” for Intellicig’s products, as it does not offer a portable charge case, Mains adapter or multiple batteries typical of higher-priced electronic cigarette kits.

Intellicig Review – Flavour & Vaping

Buyers of the Intellicig e-cigarette starter are given the choice of 4 nicotine strengths and 3 flavours. Nicotine strengths range from 15mg to 0mg in increments of 5. Intellicig takes the minimalist (more focused?) approach to their offering of ECOpure flavours. ECOpure E-Liguids are manufactured locally in the UK and are offered in Rich, Regular and Menthol flavours. The Plain Jane in me chose the Regular 10mg strength refill, which did not disappoint. The usual case with these lower end budget-kits is that you compromise taste for price but the Intellicig Regular 10mg is the exception. The assembled vaping system delivered a decent draw but was nothing impressive. A traditional orange light illuminates at the battery end when vaped.
intellicig-starter intellicig-refill Intellicig also offers the option of an extra 25 refills at the time of purchase for an additional £15.05 (£19 if purchased separately).

Intellicig Review – Technical Features & Battery

intellicig-liquid “suggest purchasing at least one additional battery” The Intellicig battery took roughly 3 hours to fully charge which can be frustrating when it’s the only battery included. Charging is accomplished by screwing the battery into the USB charger. Although generic in appearance, the USB charger’s small physical footprint allows for it to be easily carried in your pocket without being noticed. I strongly suggest purchasing at least one additional battery if you’re planning to stick with Intellicig for the long haul. Battery life was average and should be able to last you (the average smoker) throughout a normal workday. A nice feature of the battery is the “10-second cut-off” which switches off the battery after 10 seconds of continuous vaping in order to prevent overheating and as a result, extending the life of the battery.

intellicig-pro An included user guide details how to refill empty vaping capsules with e-liquids. I found this to be rather helpful especially for users such as myself who have grown accustomed to disposable cartomisers. Basically, you need to remove the inner capsule, clean the components, refill the inner capsule and you’re ready to vape. Although some may find this to be a hassle, more cost-conscious buyers will appreciate the ability to use e-liquids of their choosing.

Intellicig has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on products purchased through its website. This covers products handled under normal use and surprisingly includes the vapour device. 30 days doesn’t seem sufficient when companies such as E-Lites back their products for up to 6 months.

Intellicig Review – About The Company

“global brand with 8,000-plus retail outlets”Established in 2008, Intellicig Electronic Cigarette (IEC) has rapidly developed into a global brand with 8,000-plus retail outlets in over 24 countries. Intellicig produces and sells e-liquids, refill capsules, as well as e-cigarette kits. IEC is a subsidiary of the CN Creative Group, a bioscience company acquired by British American Tobacco in December of 2012. Intellicig currently staffs over 40 employees at their headquarters in Manchester.