Green Smoke Review 2021
8.8our score

The international electronic cigarette distributor, Green Smoke has more recently made its presence known in the United Kingdom with a facility located in Middlesex. Green Smoke (GS) features a 2-piece e-cigarette system eliminating the hassle of its three-piece siblings offered by competitors. A variety of 7 long lasting cartomiser flavours from basic tobacco to mocha mist are available, which they claim has an upward limit of 360 puffs. GS currently offers the option of three kits: Express, Pro and Love Birds. As its name implies, the Love Birds kit is designed for smoking couple. In this Green Smoke review, we’ll examine their Express Kit as it will appeal to the majority of e-cig buyers with a market price of £55.

Reasons to Buy

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • Choice of strength and flavour
  • Traditional cigarette appearance
  • Very responsive

Reasons to Reconsider

  • No personal charger case
  • Ugly dedicated USB e-cig

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Green Smoke Review – Aesthetics

Green Smoke’s express kit arrived in a box that seems more appropriate for an herbal supplement than an electronic cigarette. A large image of a cigarette spans the backside of the box and a false latch opens the box from the front. I appreciated the organized layout of the express kit comes and the concise user guide contained. A tips card, 5 cartomisers, USB e-cigarette, charging adapter, and rechargeable battery are included with the express kit.

“Very similar in appearance to that of traditional cigarettes. So much so that you may experience complaints”

We found Green Smoke’s e-cigarettes (both long & short) to be very similar in appearance to that of traditional cigarettes. So much so that you may experience complaints when you pull one of these out in a smoking-prohibited area. Similar to other e-cigs, their brand name can be read encircling the battery on the end opposite that of the LED. Gold-colored connection threads on the battery looked of excellent build quality and a personal charging case is absent from Green Smoke’s Kit as they seem to be going for a more minimal approach? Oddly-enough, their batteries screw directly into their USB adapted which can then be plugged into a wall adapter. Barring its practicality, the USB cigarette appeared very cheap with a black cable running out of the LED end of the battery.

Green Smoke Review – Flavour & Vaping

Express Kit customers are given their choice of flavour and strength. Cartomiser flavours are offered in five variants: Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Red Label Tobacco, Smooth Chocolate, Tobacco Gold and Vanilla Dreams. Five tiers of nicotine strengths are also available as follows: zero (0%), ultra light (0.6%), light (1.2%), full (1.8%), strong (2.4%). Flavours Mocha Mist and Tobacco Gold are not currently offered in strong and ultra light strengths, respectively. These options are very generous considering most other starter kits are limited to a preselected assortment of strength and flavours.

Green Smoke’s convenient 2-piece system simplifies electronic cigarettes by only requiring the user to twist the battery thread into the cartomiser followed by inhalation. Most users will appreciate this feature as it makes converting from traditional cigarettes even easier. Taking a drag instantly switches on the embedded atomizer delivering a pleasant vape. I found Green Smoke’s advertised long lasting cartomiser maximum of 350 puffs a gross exaggeration (most likely conducted in a very unrealistic setting). Gross exaggeration or not, I was able to achieve roughly 180 puffs from each cartomiser, which can still be regarded as above average.

green-smoke-love-birds-kit green-smoke-disposables I opted for the light strength cartomisers (1.2% nicotine content) and preferred the Red Label over the Absolute tobacco. Vanilla dreams left a taste similar to that of a vanilla soda which some may like. Otherwise, their other flavours did not stand out (good or bad) from their competitors. Potential buyers should also note that Green Smoke will void their 1-year warranty if you attempt to refill their single-use cartomisers.

Green Smoke Review – Technical Features & Battery Life

green-smoke-battery green-smoke-cartomizers Battery life was better than average with roughly 3 hour of vaping on a single charge. Green Smoke offers the option of either a short or long battery with the latter experiencing a longer charging time attributable to its higher millampere-hour (160mAh v 270mAh). To charge the battery using a mains outlet, it must be first screwed directly onto the USB adapted, which can then be plugged into the mains adapter (very similar to a lot of smartphones). I found the outlet situation to be somewhat frustrating as this means you will need to bend down to plug your electronic cigarette directly into the outlet every time you need a charge. Why offer a two-piece solution to the e-cig but a three-piece problem when charging? Battery life was better than average with roughly 3 hour of vaping on a single charge. Although ugly, the USB-linked secondary cigarette offers users the ability to not worry about recharging while near a power source.
green-smoke-pro Green Smoke offers an industry-best 30-day 100% money back guarantee on starter kits purchased through their website. Their website states this policy is “no questions asked” and that a simple submission for a refund will begin the return process. However, potential buyers should note that this is not inclusive of all their product but simply limited to their starter kit.

1 year limited warranty is provided to the original owner/ purchaser of Green Smoke products when purchased through their website. Warranty covers only defects resulting from normal use. Any user-related physical damage, tampering or general misuse deviating from the norm will render this warranty null and void. Cartridges are not covered under this warranty as they cannot be remanufactured due to health concerns.

Green Smoke Review – About The Company

Established itself as a major global electronic cigarette company with total sales well into the millions. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes was incepted in 2008 and was originally based out of Miami, Florida, U.S.A. The company has since established itself as a major global electronic cigarette company with total sales well into the millions. Sammy Capuano founded the company and remains president of the for profit corporation of Green Smoke, Inc. Despite being founded in the U.S., Green Smoke has expanded to include a UK-based headquarters in Feltham, Middlesex. Customer support is available via a toll-free phone line Monday through Friday. Additional support is available by e-mail and an e-ticket submission service.