Gamucci Review 2021
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Founded by Taz and Umer Sheikh, Gamucci was launched in 2007 to provide smokers with an alternative amidst the newly implemented UK ban on tobacco cigarettes. Much like the majority of the industry, the electronic cigarettes sold by Gamucci are manufactured and engineered in China. Furthermore, the e-cig company has adopted the familiar two-piece electronic cigarette system, consisting solely of a battery and cartomizer.

Much like the majority of the e-cigarette industry, Gamucci offers an abundance of flavour and nicotine options. Flavours include: menthol, original, apple, cherry, cola, coffee, grape and vanilla. A total of 5 nicotine options are available for the original tobacco flavour and range from 22- 0mg nicotine. Two rechargeable starter kits are available that vary dramatically in both price and features. The more costly of the two is the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit, which includes everything necessary for a new e-cig user to get started. With a market price of £49.99, this kit includes: (2) rechargeable batteries, (1) USB battery charger, (1) mains adapter, (1) European plug, (1) carry case and (4) cartomisers. Lets see how our Gamucci review of the Micro Deluxe Starter compares to its competition.

Reasons to Buy

  • Original Tobacco
  • Convenient charge adapters

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Warranty?
  • Lack of PCC

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Gamucci Review – Aesthetics

Arriving promptly, the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter came packaged in a subtle white cardboard box with clear branding of the company logo. Sliding off the outer white covering leaves the two automatic rechargeable batteries and one cartomiser exposed. Pulling off the thing top chamber reveals the user manual, welcome card, mains adapter, UK adapter, European plug, USB charger, carry case as well as a 3-pack of cartomisers. The charging accessories including are much to the industry standard while the carrying case is a paltry black drawstring bag.

“quality appearance to it but nothing unique”

Gamucci does seem to have invested a great deal of attention toward the package of their starter as everything was packaged tightly yet effectively. Like with any two-piece electronic cigarette system, Gamucci’s e-cig requires only the screwing of the cartomiser into the battery for full assembly. A silver ring encircles the battery-cartomiser junction and the Gamucci logo can be found nearby. I found the entire e-cig to have a quality appearance to it but nothing unique when compared to others in the current e-cigarette market.

Gamucci Review – Flavour & Vaping

Gamucci offers a total of 8 flavours and 5 nicotine concentrations for the cartomisers. Flavours currently offered are Original Tobacco, menthol, apple, cherry, coffee, grape, vanilla and Cola. Buyers interested in exploring less conventional flavours (i.e. everything except menthol and original) should note that they are only available with a 1.6% nicotine concentration. Menthol is offered in either the 2.2 or 1.6% nicotine concentrations while the Original Tobacco flavour is available in all 5. Buyers of the Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter will find that the kit does not provide any options but instead comes with a four 16mg Original Tobacco cartomisers.

Gamucci conveniently pre-charges their batteries so that users can begin vaping right out of the box. After assembling the 2-piece electronic cigarette, a simple drag produced a decent amount of vapour. An orange light at the battery end confirms that the atomizer is in use for the duration of the drag. Gamucci claims that each cartomiser provides vapour equivalent to roughly 375 puffs or 2 tobacco cigarette packs. However, I found my personal figure to be considerably less hovering around 200 puffs, which as always will vary based on individual habits. The Original Tobacco flavour was relatively pleasant and somewhat reminiscent to that of tobacco cigarettes.

gamucci-box gamucci-e-cig

Gamucci Review – Technical Features & Battery

gamucci-cartomizer gamucci-charger The Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit comes conveniently packed with a USB charge adapter, UK mains adapter as well as a EU plug adapter. Unfortunately what this kit is missing is a portable charge case that allows users to charge on the go without a fixed power supply. Perhaps its something Gamucci will consider when they update the starter?

Moving forward the two rechargeable batteries included are rated at 240mAh, a large leap in strength over their former 180mAh models. Gamucci claims that this is enough for roughly 375 puffs, which I found to be fairly accurate. Screwing the cartomiser into the battery allows the user to vape immediately. Vapour production from the Gamucci electronic cigarette was sufficient and not overwhelming.

gamucci-micro-starter-kit “comes conveniently packed with a USB charge adapter, UK mains adapter as well as a EU plug adapter” Unlike the majority of other electronic cigarette companies, Gamucci does not offer any type of warranty on their product line. Instead, navigating to their terms and condition inner page reveals that products sold on their site are to be considered “as is”. A bit strange for a company selling new products to consumers, don’t you think? However, a bit more digging reveals that their electronic cigarette products are covered if they are received faulty. These products can be returned within seven days for refund. Unwanted products must be returned in re-sellable condition in order to be considered for a refund.

Gamucci Review – About The Company

“has since expanded to sell their products in over 55 countries”Based out of London, Gamucci is a global distributor of electronic cigarettes and cigars. Launched in 2007, the company has since expanded to sell their products in over 55 countries worldwide. Gamucci’s customer support staff is available over the phone or via email.