EVape Reviews 2021
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Based out of London, Evape Electronic Cigarette’s online store was founded in 2010 to sell the entirety of electronic cigarette products and accessories. Excluded from their comprehensive list are disposable e-cigarettes,as Evapes believes these products provide an inferior vaping experience. Technology from Innokin, Boje, Boge, Vision, Joytech, and Kanger are all features in Evape’s electronic cigarette product line. Over 10 starter kits can be found in the Evape online store, which can make choosing one a bit confusing.

Priced at £34.99, the eGo-T Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit includes everything necessary to get the average e-cig user started. The eGo-T starter includes: (2) eGo 650 mAh rechargeable lithium ion batteries, (2) eGo-T atomizers, (5) blank tank cartridges, (1) USB charge cable and (1) wall adapter. Users will be responsible for purchasing their own e-liquids and e-juices to try with this starter. Comparable kits are offered by big e-cig names like Jacvapour e-cigs and SkyCig. My Evape reviews will serve to provide a better understanding of where the Evape eGo-T electronic cigarette starter kit stands when compared to other e-cigarette starter kits.

Reasons to Buy

  • Vapour Production
  • Refillable

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Lacks warranty
  • Does not include e-liquid

Uncover the Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits

EVape Reviews – Aesthetics

The Evape eGo-T Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit comes packaged in a subtle matte black cardboard box. The company’s name and what appear to be a few clouds of vapour can be found on the superior face of the packaging. Opening the box is accomplished by lifting the front. This reveals the user manual, the two 650 mAh lithium ion batteries and 5 empty cartridges. The included Evape user manual is rather brief but certainly serves its purpose. The USB charger is of the screw-in variety typically found on electronic cigarettes in the price range and the wall charger is a simple USB to wall adapter. Both appear to be rather generic and could be easily mistaken for a something purchased at a flea market.

“assembled black Evape eGo-T electronic cigarette is somewhat large, probably due to the larger battery contained”

This starter kit presents buyer with the option of choosing from their choice of three battery colours. The options are between Stainless Steel, Black and White. The assembled black Evape eGo-T electronic cigarette is somewhat large, probably due to the larger battery contained. Main attributes of the Evape electronic cigarette are the matte black colour and chrome finish. The Evape branding can be found lengthwise on the device and a manual battery button embedded in the chrome finish. Overall, the Evape eGo-T e-cig device is not bad but nothing spectacular in the aesthetics department.

EVape Reviews – Flavour & Vaping

Although not included in the Evape eGo-T Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, there are plenty of e-liquids and e-juices that can be found in their online store. A total of 20 different FlavourArt e-juice flavours are currently marketed on the Evape online storefront. This e-liquid range does not include the traditional tobacco flavours but instead is focused primarily on fruit-inspired flavours. User favourites from the FlavourArt range include caramel, cappuccino and the RY4 e-liquid. The RY4 e-liquid is a tobacco blend that’s infused with caramel and vanilla.

The online store also has 9 traditional tobacco e-liquid flavours, which are each reminiscent of a different tobacco cigarette label. Therefore, whichever traditional cigarette brand you’re accustomed to should be the first e-juice flavour you try. Whatever e-liquid you decide to fill your Evape eGo-T electronic cigarette with you’ll notice significant vapour production. Since the eGo-T is a tank-based system, you won’t be restricted to Evape’s line of products and can instead fill up with any of your favourite e-liquids.

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EVape Reviews – Technical Features & Battery

evape-case evape-battery Evape’s eGo-T Electronic Cigarette starter kit features two 650mAh rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Unlike competitors, these batteries are manual and feature a 5-click safety feature. This safety feature prevents the electronic cigarette from creating vapour when the button is accidentally press while in a bag, for example.
evape-joyetech “Two batteries are conveniently included which allows average users to get through a full day” Unfortunately, the Evape eGo-T e-cigarette device does not come packed with a personal charge case. This leaves the user to charge their batteries using the USB charge cable along with the wall charger. Charging is accomplished using the all-too-familiar screw-in mechanism. The USB charge cable attaches directly to the battery while the wall adapter is simply a USB to wall adapter. Two batteries are conveniently included which allows average users to get through a full day without needing a recharge.

My research was unable to reveal any type of warranty on Evape products purchased from their online store. This is disappointing considering the majority of electronic cigarette companies provide some type of assurance that faulty products can be replaced and/ or refunded.

EVape Reviews – About The Company

“unable to reveal any type of warranty on Evape products”Evape is an electronic cigarette manufacturer and distributor based out of London. The company is currently a subsidiary of Aura Retail International Limited. Evape’s online store was founded in 2010 to sell everything from electronic cigarette starter kits to e-liquids. The brick & mortar Evape store’s operating hours are between 10am-5pm Monday through Friday.