eCigWizard Review 2021
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Based out of Peterborough, EcigWizard is a supplier of electronic cigarette devices and e-liquids throughout the UK and Europe. The e-cigarette company sells disposable, 2-piece and tank-based vaporizers as well as related accessories. They distribute a comprehensive list of e-liquid flavours, which includes over seventy flavours. That’s impressive for a company that was founded only two and a half years ago! EcigWizard currently offers a total of four starter kits: FreshStart, Vision eGo, 510, and Olympian Imist electronic cigarette starter kits. The 510 Starter Bundle is the only two-piece starter and is also the cheapest at £10.

Users are likely to find the mid-priced EcigWizard FreshStart Electronic Cigarette Starter Bundle to be the most appealing in terms of price and features. For £19.99, the starter kit comes with: (1) manual battery, (1) USB charger, (1) Vision eGo tank, and (1) 10mL bottle of e-liquid. This review will take a closer look at their FreshStart Electronic Cigarette Starter Bundle and how it compares to the growing number of starter kits available from competitors.

Reasons to Buy

  • Price point
  • Appearance

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Flavour
  • Mediocre warranty

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eCigWizard Review – Aesthetics

EcigWizard does provide a certain degree of customisation in their FreshStart Electronic Cigarette Starter Bundle by giving users their choice of either black or silver vapourisers as well as their choice of e-liquid flavour. The entire starter kit arrived in a small black box, similar to something that you may find at the pharmacy. This is a sharp contrast to other electronic cigarette companies that spend a great deal to deliver their electronic cigarette starter kits in a luxurious case.For less than 20 quid, any e-cig starter is unlikely to have any extra bells and whistles. Opening the small box reveals a clear plastic that holds the FreshStart e-cig bundle’s contents in place. Here you will find the USB charge adapter, e-cig battery and the e-cig tank.

“features a matte rubberized battery along with what appeared to be a primarily stainless steel body”

The EcigWizard tank-based vaping device appears rather nice for its price point. I opted for the black colour, which features a matte rubberized battery along with what appeared to be a primarily stainless steel body. The drip tip was also black and the tank clear as expected. The company branding can be found at the battery end opposite the tank and a clear on/off button on the other end. The USB charging adapter is rather cheap in appearance but does get the job done. Overall, EcigWizard’s manual battery tank-based electronic cigarette has a premium appearance for a sub-premium price. Well done.

eCigWizard Review – Flavour & Vaping

As mentioned earlier in this review, EcigWizard markets a vast array of e-liquid flavours that totals over seventy. The majority of these flavours are offered in different nicotine strengths to appeal to a wider range of users. The FreshStart electronic cigarette starter that I received came packed with two 10ml bottles of ClearChoice e-liquids: one classic tobacco with 0.6% nicotine strength and the other cherry with 1.6% nicotine strength.

The manual battery on the EcigWizard FreshStart e-cigarette requires users to depress the clear battery button, which illuminates blue. A quick drag and you’ll soon feel the sensation of strong vapour. The cherry flavour that I vaped was rather peculiar and I much preferred the ClearChoice Classic Tobacco between the two. Both produced a dense amount of vapour, which is surprising for a starter kit in this price range.

ecigwizard-e-liquid ecigwizard-vision-ego-kit

eCigWizard Review – Technical Features & Battery

ecigwizard-battery ecigwizard-charger EcigWizard chose to go with a tank-based multi-piece electronic cigarette for its FreshStart e-cig starter kit. The e-cig features a large 900mAh battery that may take a bit longer to charge but should last the majority of users an entire day before needing to recharge. Unlike most electronic cigarette devices on the market today, EcigWizard’s e-cig does not have any sort of LED light at the battery end. This is partially due to the fact that this particular e-cig has a manual battery and the button illuminates when depressed.
ecigwizard-ego-t “900mAh battery that may take a bit longer to charge but should last the majority of users an entire day” Charging of the EcigWizard tank-based e-cig is accomplished by unscrewing the battery from the rest of the device. The battery must then be attached to the USB adapter and into a power supply. Unfortunately, this kit does not come with a USB-to-Mains adapter but any generic adapter should work. Turning on the device requires pushing the battery button down 5 consecutive times, after which time it will flash blue several times. This is a handy safety feature that will save users plenty of battery life by preventing the battery from accidentally being used up.

EcigWizard offers a 3-day time window for buyers to report unused items if they are found to not work properly upon arrival. An additional 28-day replacement warranty is also offered on electrical items such as batteries, charge adapters and cases, which are handled directly through customer service.

eCigWizard Review – About The Company

“was launched in the early part of 2011 with a single employee”EcigWizard Electronic Cigarettes was launched in the early part of 2011 with a single employee. The company has since expanded to include roughly 25 employees and a 10,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. The EcigWizard building features a warehouse, office space and retail shop that is open Monday through Friday. Customer service support can be reach via email or over the phone with staff members available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.