E-Lites Review 2021
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ECITA-founder, E-Lites was one of the first to enter the electronic cigarette market in 2008 resulting in a local UK customer base of over 600,000 to date. Like SkyCig, their veteran status in e-cigarette manufacturing has given them the opportunity to improve upon their original models based on consumer reception. In addition to e-cigarettes, E-Lites is only one of a handful of companies in the UK to offer electronic cigars. Currently, two kits are available on their website: E80 E-Cigarette starter kit at £25.99 and the E-Pro 4 Kit at £64.99. Our review will focus on the latter as this kit’s suggested market price and features provide it with more appeal for the average user.

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium appearance
  • Extended battery life
  • Portable charging case
  • Great flavour

Reasons to Reconsider

  • No option in flavour/ strength
  • Inability to refill

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E-Lites Review – Aesthetics

The E-Lites E-Pro 4 starter kit arrived in a matte black box with a clear plastic window revealing their new portable charging case. The nicely appointed box opens up by pulling the top cover off allowing access to all that is contained. A user guide, USB charging cable, USB-to-Mains adapter, 5 cartomisers, 2 batteries and the portable charging case are included in the E-Pro4 starter kit. The 5 cartomisers are housed within a box similar to that of Marlboro’s red and white traditional cigarette pack. I was impressed by the attention to detail in appearance of their products as even their USB charger and Mains adapter seemed top notch (contrary to Sky Cig’s generic-looking chargers). The aesthetically pleasing black personal charging case features an LED screen on its anterior side indicative of battery life. The user guide was concise and easy-to-read.

“impressed by the attention to detail in appearance of their products”

E-Lites’ G9 batteries feature a series of thin concentric rings evenly spaced from the LED tip to the E-Lites branding preceding battery-cartomiser junction. Although some may disagree, I thought this gave the E-Lites electronic cigarette a nice premium appearance. Once again, build quality appears well done. The assembled electronic cigarette has a length of 101 mm, which is longer than that of Sky Cigs’ (96 mm) and ROK (86mm). This shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing necessarily since a longer device means longer battery life. Who knows, the pleasant appearance of the increased length of E-Lites might be the beginning of an e-cigarettes trend towards that of the 1960s 100mm traditional cigarettes. The regular nicotine strength cartomisers in the E-Pro4 pack are the prototypical matte mustard orange color with a subtle red ring indicative of its strength. Although not included in this pack, light strength and menthol flavor have a gold and green ring encircling its respective cartomisers. A modern silver ring exposes where the cartomiser meets the battery.

E-Lites Review – Flavour & Vaping

Assembly of the E-Lites e-cigarette is rather simple requiring the user to peel off the cartomiser seal and screw in it into the battery. Vaping begins by taking a drag at the cartomiser end with the illumination of the LED on the battery indicating use. The increasing prevalence of 2-piece electronic cigarettes can be directly attributed to their convenience. However, as with all other 2-piece e-cig systems, refilling is not advisable and automatically voids E-Lites’ warranty agreement.

Despite other e-cigarette manufacturers pursuing novel cartomiser flavours like mocha mist and cherry, E-Lites sticks with the traditional route by offering light- & regular-strength tobacco, menthol and nicotine-free. User preference is neglected in the E-Pro4 kit as regular-strength tobacco is automatically provided; forcing curious customers to purchase “refill” packs of the other flavours. This also means that I am unable to comment on the other flavours offered by E-Lites.

e-lites-case e-lites-refill E-Lites’s regular strength tobacco was very smooth and very similar to that of a traditional cigarette. I personally achieved about 1 hour of semi-continuous vaping on each cartomiser with an estimated 140 drags. Users should consider that cartomiser life is purely based on the duration & strength of drags and the amount of time in between.

E-Lites Review – Technical Features & Battery

e-lites-battery e-lites-tips “wasn’t horrible either (average battery life)” E-Lites G9 batteries are 240mAh and have a quality feel to them. Charging of these batteries are accomplished by placing them into the provided portable charging case at which time the LED battery tips will flash indicating proper charging. Roughly 90 minutes were required to charge a single battery and each a fully charged charging case can charge a total of 4 batteries total (with only space for two at a time). The smooth rubberized plastic portable charging case features a nice large blue LED screen on its anterior face, which clearly displays the charge remaining. Inside the case, there are 4 slots that can hold a total of two batteries and two cartomisers. The portable charging case attaches to the USB charge cable that can either be directly plugged into a USB port or into the mains adapter for charging using a wall outlet. Charging of the case took me about 3 ½ to 4 hours using the mains adapter. Battery life wasn’t as great as one would think considering its extended length but wasn’t horrible either (average battery life).
e-lites-kit E-Lites’ products carry different warranties based on their use and are restricted to the original purchaser. As consumable items, G9 model batteries are warrantied for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase and must thereafter be purchased online. Their USB charger, car charger and E-Pack (E-Pro3 & E-Pro4 personal charging case) are covered for 12 months. Products covered under E-Lites warranty’s repairs or replacements are subject to their discretion and are restricted to a maximum of 3 replacements/ repairs. Warranty claims are managed via e-mail and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Non-faulty items will be accepted for returns within 7 days given and must be returned in the original condition (basically, nothing can be opened). Other products that are excluded from E-Lites Non-faulty good return policy include: made-to-order, unsealed or damaged, perishable, and not in “resalable” condition. Buyers will be responsible for postage of the returned items as well as the original cost to ship their items. Faulty Items can be returned within 30 days while items damaged during shipping must be reported the next day. Furthermore, E-Lites will not issue refunds for any product that has been opened or used. I find this ludicrous, as the user doesn’t get a chance to determine whether or not the product is faulty. So beware of the details in E-Lites return policy.

E-Lites Review – About The Company

“include over 600,000 e-cigarette users” E-Lites electronic cigarette company is a subsidiary of Zandera Ltd and based out of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. E-Lites was founded in 2008 and has seen consistent growth alongside the increased popularity of electronic cigarettes to include over 600,000 e-cigarette users. Elecrtonic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) was founded by E-Lites to ensure that electronic cigarettes are properly depicted based on facts and as a result, reclassified as consumer products. E-Lite customer service is also based out of Bromsgrove and is available 7 days a week over the phone.