Apollo E-Cig Review 2021
7.8our score

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes with offices in both the USA and UK. The company was founded in 2008 and has manufacturing facilities in China with products designed primarily for European and American buyers. A 30-day money back guarantee is standard on the majority of their products as is their one-year limited warranty. They currently offer both disposable and rechargeable form factors of their electronic cigarette product along with 17 e-liquid flavours. Apollo electronic cigarette users are also given the option of either prefilled or blank refillable cartomisers. As larger companies are slowly eliminating the ability for users to refill cartomisers, it’s refreshing to see that a company such as Apollo provides a more cost-effective option.

Reasons to Buy

  • Refillable blank cartomisers
  • Premium personal charge case

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Long charge times
  • Lacking flavour

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Apollo E-Cig Review – Aesthetics

The Apollo Standard Starter Kit will appeal to the majority of buyers with a list price of £49.95. It’s easy to draw comparisons of this kit with that of the SKYCIG freedom and ROK original starter kits but a huge plus in favour of Apollo’s kit is the option to buy refillable cartomisers without voiding their warranty. Those in the market for refillable electronic cigarette systems should also look into the Volcano Inferno starter kit. The Apollo Standard Starter Kit includes: (1) persona charging case, (2) 180mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, (1) USB battery charger, (1) mains adapter, (1) PCC USB charge cable, (5) cartomisers, and (1) Apollo 500-puff disposable e-cig.

“huge plus in favour of Apollo’s kit is the option to buy refillable cartomisers without voiding their warranty”

Apollo’s standard starter kits are available in either black or white and are packaged nicely into a medium-sized box. I personally chose the white kit because I thought had a clean appearance and closer in appearance to that of a traditional nonelectric cigarette. The Apollo logo can be found throughout the packaging. After opening the top flap of the packaging, the first thing you’ll notice is that the personal charge case has a nice premium look. Furthermore, there is a battery level indicator on the front-facing side of the PCC that lets users know when to recharge. The two lithium ion batteries are housed within the PCC and feature the company name in large print near the cartomiser end. Charging accessories can be found packaged in a smaller box to the left and appear rather generic with the exception of the mains adapter, which appears like some sort of 80s electronic device. The 5 cartomisers are neatly packed, each of which is clearly labeled with its flavour on the end closest to the battery junction. I felt that the overall appearance was very pleasant and should satisfy the majority of buyers’ expectations.

Apollo E-Cig Review – Flavour & Vaping

The 17 different e-liquid flavours currently being offered by Apollo Electronic Cigarettes include: tobacco, coffee, cherry, menthol, banana cream, blueberry Kona Coffee, cappuccino, classic tobacco, classic tobacco menthol, clove, green apple, mango peach, Razzle, Rocky Road, RY4, Sahara, and vanilla. Each flavour is available in 5 variants of nicotine content and are as follows: zero (0mg), low (6mg), medium (12mg), high (18mg), extra high (24mg). Standard Starter Kit buyer options for the included 5 cartomisers are limited to refillable blank cartomisers, variety (5 flavours), tobacco, coffee, cherry or vanilla. Furthermore, extra high is not available as part of the standard starter kit. Most experienced e-cig users that have their personal favourite e-liquids are likely to opt for the refillable blank cartomisers but I strongly suggest their variety pack in order to sample what Apollo has to offer.

Vaping is accomplished via the typical method of taking a drag from the assembled electronic cigarette device, which is indicated by a blue LED light at the battery end. My personal experience with the Apollo e-cig was that it produced a sufficient amount of vapour but slightly lacked in flavour. Additionally, I was surprised by the vanilla flavour, which was pleasantly vanilla-like without being overbearing.

apollo-e-cig apollo-e-cig-cartomizer

Apollo E-Cig Review – Technical Features & Battery Life

apollo-e-cig-case apollo-e-cig-white-starter-kit
apollo-e-cig-extreme-kit “ability to fully charge between 5 to 10 ecigarette batteries” The personal charge case has the premium feature of a front-facing LED battery life indicator. The electronic cigarette batteries are rated at 180mAh and take roughly 90 minutes to charge using the personal charge case (PCC). Apollo touts that their PCC has the ability to fully charge between 5 to 10 ecigarette batteries, which should make it very convenient for those that do not have access to a power source during the day. However, you should note that complete charging of the PCC itself takes a 7 hours, which should come as no surprise since its rated at 1300mAh. A 12-month limited device warranty is restricted to the original Apollo electronic cigarette buyer and ensures that the devices purchased are free from defects and/ or malfunctions. However, Apollo’s warranty policy is automatically voided if the defects are the result of modifications, improper use or maintenance.

Apollo E-Cig Review – About The Company

“develops and manufactures all of their electronic cigarettes and accessories from their facilities in China” Apollo Electronic Cigarettes was founded in 2008 and originally based out of LaFayette, California, USA. Apollo develops and manufactures all of their electronic cigarettes and accessories from facilities in China. Their rigorous research, development, and quality control protocol of products are tailored mainly for European and North American customers. The company is currently under the management of Robert Freeman. Apollo has also traditionally offered a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee. Their expansion into the UK electronic cigarette market began in February of 2011 with their current sales office located in Croyden, Surrey. The Apollo customer service staff can be reached by telephone, e-mail and a live chat service. The live chat service took roughly 2 minutes to reach an operator but once connected, the staff member seemed to be very knowledgeable about the technical details of their products.