AguaVape Review 2021
6.8our score

Based out of England, AguaVape is an online retailer of disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Founded less than a year ago, the company seems to be targeting the entry-level electronic cigarette market. AguaVape’s disposable e-cigarettes have a suggested market value of £3.49 each but can be had for considerably less when purchased in larger quantities. Rechargeable electronic cigarette kits offered by AguaVape contain: (1) USB charger, (1) cartridge, (1) atomizer and (1) battery with the option to add additional atomizers, cartridges and/or batteries. Our AguaVape review will focus on both the AguaVape basic Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Kit (market price £7.49) and their disposable cigarette offerings.

Reasons to Buy

  • Refillable cartridges
  • Low price

Reasons to Reconsider

  • Reliability
  • Quality Control
  • Limited Warranty

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AguaVape Review – Aesthetics

AguaVape’s disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes arrived in a no-frills transparent plastic case. The flavour is listed on a coloured bubble slightly below and to the right of their branding, blue means you have tobacco while menthol has a green bubble. The plastic casing is easy to open but provides no real seal to let buyers know that their product has not been used or tampered with. The back of the packaging lists the usual precautionary measures, instructions and some benefits. With a length of 115mm and a 10mm diameter, the AguaVape disposable e-cigarette is noticeably longer than a typical non-electronic cigarette. A bold orange colour adorns the cartomiser end while the battery end is white; a somewhat failed attempt at imitating a traditional cigarette’s colors.

“somewhat failed attempt at imitating a traditional cigarette’s colors”

On the other hand, the rechargeable electronic cigarette offered by AguaVapor appears very much like a traditional cigarette from a distance (minus the blue LED, of course). The rechargeable AguaVape e-cig measures 95mm long with a diameter of 7mm and has a nice weight and feel to it. The USB adapter included appear and was void of any AguaVape branding.

AguaVape Review – Flavour & Vaping

Only two flavours and strengths are currently being offered on AguaVape’s electronic cigarettes. By offering tobacco and menthol, it seems that AguaVape is choosing to stick to traditional cigarette flavours; you won’t find tropical pina colada chocolate shake flavours here! Customers have the option of either 11mg or 16mg nicotine strengths. AguaVape single use e-cigs are suggested to be equivalent to 40 non-electronic cigarettes while their rechargeable counterparts are said to be equal to 20 traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, the menthol disposable electronic cigarette that I received failed to work out-of-the-box and therefore I won’t be able to comment on its flavour. Quality control issues perhaps?

AguaVape’s products feature a simple easy-to-use vape system that only requires the users to take a drag in order to vape. Aside from the vapor produced, users will notice the illuminating of a blue LED light at the battery end. The drag was somewhat smooth for a disposable e-cig in this price-range. I found the rechargeable version to be a bit smooth and both left a minimal residual aftertaste. However, those in search of a traditional cigarette tobacco flavour will very likely be disappointed. The AguaVape should still be considered, as there are very few electronic cigarette competitors that can replicate the traditional flavour especially at this price point.

agua-vape-kit agua-vape-refill

AguaVape Review – Technical Features & Battery

agua-vape-disposable “system allows for the possibility of users to refill cartridges with e-liquids” NexGen batteries are currently utilized in both disposable and rechargeable AguaVape electronic cigarettes. NexGen rechargeable batteries are rated at 140mAh and fully charged from empty in about 3 hours. AguaVape’s rechargeable e-cigarette line features a 3-piece system consisting of a 60mm battery, 30mm cartridge and a 18mm atomiser (that has end inside the cartridge and the other in the battery). AguaVape’s micro-tank system allows for the possibility of users to refill cartridges with e-liquids.
agua-vape-cig AguaVape is also rumoured to be releasing a line of e-cig liquids in the near future. First-time AguaVape users will quickly notice that the cartridge pre-loaded onto the battery is completely empty and that they only have one pre-filled cartridge in the base starter pack. Unfortunately, the rechargeable AguaVape e-cig system did get hot after roughly 10 drags while their single-use counterparts kept a reasonable temperature. AguaVape’s warranty is product-specific with none offered on refills. Atomizers are warrantied only if they are defective-on-arrival (DOA). AguaVape batteries sold through directly from their website carry with them a 3-month warranty period.

AguaVape Review – About The Company

“over-the-phone customer support 9-5 on the weekdays”AguaVape is a distributor of disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes that was founded in 2012. The company is UK-based with an office in Peterlee, County Durham, England. Despite only staffing five employees, AguaVape offers over-the-phone customer support 9-5 on the weekdays. I personally found that they responded rather quickly to my inquiries via their “contact us” page.