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Electronic cigarettes have come a long way in the past decade with new models being released on a regular basis. One of the most popular is NuCig, the electronic cigarette that was one of the pioneers of the industry. Considered one of the new wave of Advanced Pro e-cigs back in 2007, NuCig has expanded their market since those days and now offers different types of electronic cigarettes for the public.

NuCig offers e-cig kits that range from disposable to the “Ultimate” that includes a plethora of choices. For the purposes of this review, the NuCig Advanced Pro 4 Mini Kit was selected. The NuCig Advanced Pro 4 Mini Kit consists of a single USB charger, one caromizer of tobacco flavoring and one battery. The kit itself is economically priced and perfect as a starter kit for those who wish to try the product without having to spend for a larger kit.

The first thing we noticed was just how much the NuCig appears to look like a real tobacco cigarette down to the trademark rings along the barrel of the cartomizer. To the untrained eye, the NuCig appears to be a tobacco product. Despite the small size relative to many other e-cig models, the charge on the battery of the NuCig lasts about as long as similar models. An hour of actual use or “vaping” time can be expected with the NuCig, although it must be said that having only one battery can be limiting for most smokers.

The NuCig does come with a number of flavors and nicotine strengths for those who wish to quit smoking can vary their level of nicotine. There are 8 flavors including with the Advanced Pro 4 Mini Kit which include 3 tobacco flavor and 2 menthols. The refill package for a 5-pack is slightly higher than some of the competition, but NuCig does offer discounts on bulk purchases which helps to even out the pricing. Be sure to check out our NuCig discount code above to get more savings!

The flavors are very good, especially when combined with the ability to adjust the strength of the nicotine makes it easy to find the right balance. Overall, the quality is quite good and NuCig is one of the better electronic cigarettes on the market in terms of providing good flavor and quality.

For most smokers or those who “vape”, the NuCig is still one of the best electronic cigarettes around today. The variety of starter kits allows for anyone to get started with e-cigs and the refill prices, while a little higher than some other brands, are still reasonable and become cheaper when ordering in bulk.

About the biggest issue with the Advanced Pro 4 Mini Kit is that there is one a single battery. We recommend that you order another battery if possible because a single battery will run out of its charge before the day is over. However, this is an issue with most electronic cigarettes so this does not put the NuCig in any less favorable light.

Overall, the NuCig is one of the better electronic cigarettes on the market thanks to its durable construction, wide assortment of flavors and overall great performance. Save money when you use the NuCig discount code above!