Kate Moss Vapes The Most Expensive E-Cigarette

The supermodel found herself desperately craving for her e-cigarettes – an alternative for traditional cigarettes which produce a nicotine laced vapour which can be inhaled by the user to satisfy their addiction-driven desires. Kate Moss recently spent a whopping £2,000 on electronic cigarettes.

The supermodel thought it fit to summon her chauffeur on an 850 mile air trip to Ibiza, to deliver her special brand of electronic cigarettes to help her tide over the emergency.

Kate Moss feared that she may return to her chain smoking ways when she felt a strong craving for tobacco cigarettes while holidaying in the sunny Spanish island of Ibiza with her daughter, Lila Grace, who is 11 years old and her husband Jamie Hince.

An unnamed source disclosed to the Daily Mirror newspaper that the 39 year old blonde has been a regular smoker for a number of years, but the appearance of wrinkles and other age related signs, have caused her to feel uneasy and anxious. This has prompted her to drastically reduce smoking and she has been quite successful in her efforts to do so.

The source went on to say that the sometimes the craving gets worse, especially while on holidays. On this holiday, when she found that she had not packed her e-cigarettes, she tried unsuccessfully to buy a familiar brand.

She then dialled her home and had the e-cigarettes rushed urgently to her through a special messenger. She paid more than £300 for an urgent, last-minute flight booking, over £1,000 for the driver’s hotel accommodation and bore all the other expenses relating to the trip, totalling to hundreds of pounds.

The supermodel, whose total earnings for the year 2012 are estimated to be over £12 million, would not be too concerned about these costs.

According to the insider, Kate Moss knew that the expenses on the trip were quite excessive but felt that it was the better option, rather than to have to restart her efforts to quit smoking.