Is There An Extra Danger?

This is clearly going to be something that sets alarm bells off for a lot of people because imagine how scary it would be for users of electronic cigarettes if they never knew if it would lead to a fire ball in their home. However, closer inspection of the actual story shows that things are not as bad as they may seem even though this is clearly a tragic tale in its own right. There was a story recently whereby it was claimed that a man died after an electronic cigarette he was using led to an explosion and it bursting into flames.

The main in question also had oxygen in his home due to a health condition and this clearly played a major role in what then occurred in his home. It appears to be the case that the deceased was charging his e-cig, but was using the wrong charger for that particular brand. The initial study carried out by the Fire Brigade in the UK came to the conclusion that it was this wrong charger that led to an issue with the actual cigarette resulting in it exploding and then reacting with the oxygen. This would of course lead to a major issue because any spark and oxygen can lead to pretty catastrophic consequences. Sadly in this instance it did lead to a fire and the unfortunate death of an individual.

The key point being made here is that you should always use the correct charger with an electrical product and that is a lesson you should keep in mind for any electrical appliance and not just electronic cigarettes. It is slightly unfair for the media to portray the story in this way as if the e-cig itself is dangerous and can lead to this kind of thing happening on a regular basis. Instead, it could so easily have happened with charging a whole host of electrical devices and not just an e-cig.

However, it is certainly advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer and the instructions for each device and under no circumstances should you leave them plugged in over night in order to recharge them. This in itself can lead to a whole host of problems and of course you should also never mix various parts of different types of electronic cigarettes in order to make your own either. You must remember that every manufacturer has their own way of doing things and those components are only designed to work with certain parts. Mixing them can indeed lead to a number of problems, and sadly this is now being seen as being something that could potentially be fatal.

The overriding point to take out of this sad story is to just make sure that you use the correct parts and perhaps keep your electronic cigarette away from anything that could be explosive while it is being charged. This is merely common sense and it should not be something that is just attributed to one single product. Using electronic cigarettes is safe and this was just a tragic accident and in no way should it be used to try to score some points for tighter regulation of these products.