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IntelliCig is one of the many electronic cigarette manufacturers that has sprung up in recent years. Offering a rather old-fashioned three-piece design, IntelliCig hopes to attract smokers into switching away from their tobacco products and to the world of safer and less expensive electronic cigarettes.

IntelliCig separates itself from most of the competition not only with the three-piece cartomizer design, but also with the unique packaging that consists of two card cases that fold out, one that contains the cartridges and the other that consists of the internal e-cig compartments. You will find in the IntelliCig Starter kit a single battery, atomizer, USB charger and 5 cartridges.

The principle behind the electronic cigarette for IntelliCig starts with the cartridges that contain nicotine trapped in flavoring liquid. The atomizer is attached to the cartridge along with the battery which forms a unit called the cartomizer which looks like a tobacco cigarette. When the smoker “pulls in” on the end, the battery activates the atomizer which heats the flavor liquid, turning it into water vapor which goes into the lungs delivering the nicotine.

The IntelliCig Starter Kit unfortunately only has one battery which is not ideal, especially without a portable charging kit to keep it fresh. The construction of the three piece unit is fairly standard as it looks almost exactly like a tobacco cigarette right down to the size. The battery itself is okay and should last through the day unless you use it heavily. You may want to go ahead an order an extra battery or two just to be on the safe side.

However, there is the advanced kit known as the IntelliCig XC which comes with two batteries, a portable charging kit and 10 refills, but it is somewhat more expensive than many other brands which offer a similar product. Be sure to check out our IntelliCig discount code above to get more savings!

The refills that come with the IntelliCig have three different flavors, regular and rich tobacco flavors and menthol. The refills also come in varying strengths of nicotine as well from 0mg to 15mg. For those who are looking at quitting smoking, you can order new refills of lower nicotine strength so you can gradually kick the habit.

The flavor is quite good and IntelliCig boasts that they produce the flavor liquids themselves and hold it to very high standards. That certainly seems to be true based on the tests and anecdotal evidence from many who enjoy this product. The fact that the liquids are free of any toxins or contaminants is also comforting as this provides an even safer experience.

When it comes to flavors and service, the IntelliCig ranks up there with some of the best on the market, however the curious inclusion of only a single battery and the old-fashioned three-piece design may turn off some potential customers. Overall, if it comes down to taste, then this is the product for you. The flavors are well crafted and will satisfy most people. For those who are just starting out in using electronic cigarettes, the IntelliCig may be a good choice if you limit yourself to the budget starter kit. Save money when you use the IntelliCig discount code above!