Music Industry is Embracing Electronic Cigarettes

For long, cigarette smoking was closely associated with singers and the music industry, particularly during live performances. The ban on smoking in UK effectively ended smoking at all public musical events.

The smoking alternative, electronic cigarettes are now being increasingly used in musical performances. Dom Howard was seen using an electronic cigarette at the Brit Awards this year. The goody bags handed out to artists at the same occasion also contained these vapour producing devices.

Bruno Mars, a singer recently made a investment in NJOY, the American producer of e-cigarettes. The brand’s advertisement campaign on TV features Courtney Love. Other notable users of e-cigarettes spotted in the act, include Cheryll Cole, Simon Cowell, Zayn Malik and Robbie Williams.

Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices which use the power from a tiny battery to heat nicotine containing e-liquid to produce a vapour. The user inhales the vapour in a manner similar to puffing on a normal cigarette. As the device is devoid of tobacco, it is not covered under the smoking ban in UK. The dangers associated with inhalation of second hand smoke are avoided as the exhaled vapour contains no or a very negligible amount of harmful substances. For the point of view of the health of the user and the people around, e-cigarettes are the preferred choice.

The three main parts of the e-cigarette are the battery, the atomiser and the cartridge. E-cigarettes may be of the single use, disposable variety or may be rechargeable and refillable, designed for reuse. The smoking liquid is available in a number of flavours and in different strengths of nicotine.

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist is credited with the designing of the first electronic cigarette in the year 2003. Hon’s father’s death from lung cancer caused due to his heavy smoking nudged Hon to design the device. Hon, himself a heavy smoker, developed the alternative and began exporting the product across the globe.

A 2007 ruling held that e-cigarettes are excluded from the ban on smoking. The decision on whether or not to permit the use of the device is, therefore, left to individual establishments. However, legislation passed during this year has brought e-cigarettes within the ambit of regulation, as non-prescription medicines, effective from 2020.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly visible at musical festivals and events. American Blu Cigs joined in the initiative to clean up the ground with the help of festival goers.