Embrace E-Cigs And Do Not Push Them Away

At first, they were looked upon as being a fantastic way to quit smoking and they were largely embraced once people understood what they were all about. However, it does appear to be the case that things are changing at least in some areas because now people that vape are looked upon in the same manner as traditional cigarettes. There seems to be a change in how a lot of people view the electronic cigarette.

Places such as New York City and Santa Monica are now passing bylaws that make it illegal to use e-cigs in public places. This is strange because they cannot do it due to worry about second hand smoke as there is none, but instead they have banned them so as not to expose people to seeing others using them as if that is going to make a difference? The scary part is that even more areas are planning on bringing in new legislation.

However, if you thought that banning the use of them in public was a bit crazy, then spare a thought for those areas that are looking at making it illegal to sell them to people under 21. This is a touch of madness because what happens if somebody who is 20 wants to stop smoking and believes that the electronic cigarette is the best way forward? They have to continue smoking normal cigarettes until they turn 21?

The only saving grace in all of this has to be the number of doctors and medical professionals that have put on record how they view the e-cig as potentially being a life saver. They know that they have helped millions of people to quit smoking and they also realize that all of those dangerous toxic chemicals such as arsenic are taken out of the e-cig making them safer to use as well. They undoubtedly work for a number of people and their use should actually be encouraged rather than disputed. OK there might be some kind of complaint about the flavors of the liquid used, but that can easily be changed without the entire e-cig industry being pushed into the darkness and seen as being something horrible and vile.

We need to make sure that the people that have campaigned against smoking for years actually learn about vaping rather than just throwing it all in together with the traditional form. They are not helping people, but instead are making it more dangerous for them and putting their health at risk through their ignorance. Is this what they really want? Probably not.