Electronic Cigarettes To Be Banned Indoors?

Since they first appeared on the market, they have been exempt from being banned indoors as the vapour from the ecig was seen as being harmless and just containing water. However, it appears as if the World Health Organization have decided to step in and put on record their thoughts on the matter. The result? They want it to be made illegal to sell ecigs to children, which is only fair, as well as banning you from using them indoors. According to a report on the BBC, it does appear to be the case that the net is getting tighter around electronic cigarettes.

They are also showing some concern about the various claims that have been made that these devices have helped people to stop smoking. They feel that it is no longer a good idea to promote this idea until there is solid evidence, in their eyes, that this is actually the case. However, people know that this device did indeed make a difference, so it will not stop others from also trying.

WHO do seem to really be on the back of electronic cigarettes as they have also made public their fears as to how they could have an impact on the health of teenagers as well as an unborn child. They are hoping for restrictions to be put into place to limit the potential damage as well as educate women on the potential dangers.

So how do they plan on changing things? First, they want to see a change in the advertising of these products as they do appear to have been advertised like crazy and the wrong people have been exposed to it. They are also concerned about the range of flavors available especially those that are very kid like. Their aim is to see these flavors taken off the market as they are concerned about the impact that they are having on children. At least with this you are able to see the point that they are making and how it could very well tempt children into giving electronic cigarettes a shot.

Even though this all sounds rather disappointing they have at least accepted that this form of smoking is better for your health than the traditional form. They are still concerned as it does not solve the nicotine issue although this does appear to show that they are forgetting how these ecigs do come with various strengths, so it is entirely possible to gradually reduce it until you are at 0mg.

So what happens now? These are only recommendations, but there is a tendency for governments and health authorities to follow their lead and to implement various changes in line with what they say. Will that lead to them being banned indoors? It is entirely likely that that will be the case, but how long it will take is certainly up for debate. They do make some good points and supporters of electronic cigarettes do agree with their approach towards how children are exposed, but the manufacturers will always find a way around the regulations, so expect a long drawn battle to commence soon.