ECITA Statement

The use of tobacco has been cited to be one of the major risk factors for cancer. Cigarette manufacturers have always packaged their products with tagged warnings, but addiction to nicotine makes smokers to defy all these messages. The electronic cigarette is the absolute solution for all these problems. More smokers should switch and use this life saving product and reduce the harm caused by normal cigarettes.

The European union, ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) encourages its members to use e-cigarettes. In a meeting with the European parliament on March 19,2013, ECITA prepared and presented a position statement before the parliament. The first statement explains the distinction between ECITA and other tobacco industries. As opposed to tobacco industries which are composed of multi-national corporations,ECITA is consumer driven and mainly composed of consumers. The illegality of classifying these products as medicinal products is also emphasised by the statement, because of the negative impact it would create on the users. The medicinal tag would make the electronic cigarette loose its appeal among smokers.

The debate on whether these products should be categorised as a medicine is still ongoing. One UK firm is in the process of obtaining market authorisation for the electronic cigarette as a medicine, making consumers more worried than before.This is because such a regulation if enforced would make the products less available in the market. A section of consumers in the EU are of the opinion that, classifying electronic cigarettes as medicines is tantamount to a ban on the products. ECITA has set standards that ensure the e-cigarettes available in the market are of high quality.

All these debates are causing panic among smokers, some of whom the habit is a matter of life and death. ECITA proposes suggestions that would be beneficial to both the public and the e-cigarette industry. One of the recommendations is that e-cigarettes are taken out of TPD and left under GSPD. ECITA should be encouraged to make the e-cigarettes more available to the public. This will go a long way in reducing the dangers associated with tobacco products.