E-Cigs Battle It Out to Keep their Standpoint Alive

Most e-cigs look exactly like a regular cigarette. But they are actually different pieces that have been screwed in together. E-cigs are a great alternative if you are trying to kick the bad smoking habit. Once you adopt an e-cig, it won’t be long until you give up smoking completely.

The main parts include the battery and the cartomizer. The battery is used to warm up the liquid nicotine which is stored in the cartomizer. The cartomizer is available in different flavours which include tobacco, mint, apple, strawberry etc. The battery would need regularly charging as per your usage.

An e-cig is actually an electronic device and thus needs proper care. Firstly, you need to handle it with care to ensure that you don’t break it or damage it. Secondly, you are required to be cautious when you are charging the battery. Just like overcharging any electronic devices is not suitable, overcharging an e-cig could spell disaster.

The recommended number of charging hours by e-cig manufacturers is somewhere close to 4 hours. Media reports state that overcharging an e-cig battery can cause fire. An incident has been reported which states that an e-cig ignited a disastrous fire in a car.

On inspection it was found that the car owner acted reckless by leaving the e-cig charging in the car all night long. Unfortunately the liquid vaporiser leaked. The result? A firework inside the car that burned down the upholstery completely, destroying the rear seat and even the child seat. Thankfully, the owner was not in the car when the incident took place.

Cases of e-cigs initiating fires have raised eyebrows in the growing community of e-cig smokers within Britain. Is any brand safer than the others? Are these random cases? Consumers wouldn’t have any answer until e-cig companies release official statements…