E-Cigs Banned in Public Places in Wales

This particular piece of news can actually devastate many people; imagine being fined when you’re smoking your favorite e-cig in a public place. Yes you read that right; if you’re smoking electronic cigarettes in public places in Wales.

Responding to the concerns of the general public, Health Minister, Mark Drakeford has laid down his concerns about people smoking in public. As per a statement released by him recently, he mentioned how important it is to take collective action in order to address some of the challenges being faced by the people of today. Adding to this, he also mentioned how dangerous passive smoking can be for the youth and the people who are in the vicinity of the smoke.

Ban on e-cigarettes in public places of Wales:

If you too are an avid smoker of an e-cig, and prefer to flaunt the device in public, then you better be careful before stepping out. Smoking has been banned in public places, especially, in enclosed spaces. The simple reason behind this country wide ban is that e-cigs contain nicotine which is a highly addictive material and can cause high level addiction when it comes to the next level generation.

What some of the users think?

As per the owner of Vibrant Vapour Café, Richard Filbrandt, there is no associated risk for passive smokers. He has referenced some studies done by Air for Change which clearly concluded that smoking in public places should not be banned and e-cigarette smokers should not be categorized as “general smokers”.

What penalties will be imposed?

Tobacco retailers and cigarette sellers who sell cigarettes to people under the age of 18 years can expect a fine. Along with this, All those people who pose to be 18 years of age and order a cigarette online will also be traced and charged accordingly.

When it comes to being an epitome of radical changes, once again, Wales has stood out with all panache and grace.