Deciphering the Truth About E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes originated in China and now they have developed a market for themselves in America as well. They are designed in a similar format to a normal cigarette therefore a normal smoker is inclined towards it. However American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is of the opinion that further investigation should be conducted to evaluate the safety of e-cigarettes. The question still haunting the mind of every individual is that after many years of usage the safety of e-cigarettes has still not been confirmed.

A test was also conducted in 2009 by FDA on 18 e-cigarette brands. The tests revealed the presence of TSNA carcinogens in five of the brands. Diethylene glycol traces were identified in one brand. Only Smoking Everywhere passed the test with no nicotine presence.

FDA banned the e-cigarette imports on the basis of the results. NJoy was one of the participants of the test and they challenged the decision and the comparative study. FDA has not performed any further study regarding e-cigarettes and has stuck to its initial findings. The strange fact is that despite of these findings many new e-cigarette brands have entered the market. FDA now wants to classify e-cigarettes as a sub-category of tobacco products. Moreover Australia and UK are also trying to dig down into the reality of e-cigarettes.

Apart from China many tobacco investors like British American Tobacco want to reign supreme in the e-cigarette market. CASAA has raised a question on the study of FDA regarding the e-cigarettes because FDA has approved nicotine replacement products that have the same quantity of harmful substances. Moreover CASAA is of the opinion that nicotine regulations are already present and there is no need for additional regulations. Similar concerns have been raised by Clive Bates regarding electronic cigarette. Clive Bates is a former British Civil Servant.

A quick, convincing and reliable study should be conducted regarding all the available brands to reach conclusive results regarding electronic cigarette safety.