Cigarettes Versus Electronic Cigarettes

The ill effects of smoking cigarettes are many. A great number of people die from causes directly linked to the use of cigarettes. The health issues arising from smoking are well publicised and known to people and yet people go on, just for the temporary pleasure they get from inhaling nicotine. It could well be the only activity that men and women still indulge in, where death is almost a definite outcome.

A revolutionary new device called the electronic cigarette has been creating ripples, whether in smoking circles or elsewhere. The device aims to separate the harmful side of cigarette smoking and eliminate it, while retaining only the pleasant part of it. You guessed right! It completely does away with the tar and the carbon monoxide released by the burning of an ordinary cigarette but at the same time releases a dose of nicotine which stimulates a person in the same manner as a regular cigarette. This is achieved by creating nicotine vapours by using power from a tiny battery.

Smoking an electronic cigarette is not a threat to the life of the smoker nor does it endanger the ones around him. This realisation has sent the sales of electronic cigarettes skyrocketing. In terms of absolute numbers, the sales are still small but the doubling of sales over the last year is stupendous. Predictions are that the electronic cigarette will repeat this performance in the coming year as well.

One would expect the world to accept this revolutionary discovery with open arms and not include electronic cigarettes under the ban on smoking in public places. However there are many voices of dissent. Many protest that such a move will only encourage people to smoke traditional cigarettes in public, while claiming them to be electronic cigarettes. Moreover, it would be difficult to detect such cases as the appearance of both cigarettes is similar. It is also argued that children and teens will be tempted to try out electronic cigarettes and later ‘graduate’ to the traditional ones.

It would be best if the government and those in authority encourage the use of electronic cigarettes by adults habituated to smoking and at the same time restrict its sale and use by children and teens.