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The Apollo electronic cigarette is one of the more popular e-cigarette companies in both the UK and the US. Founded in 2008, Apollo provides a 30 day money back guarantee for their product and a one year limited warranty as well. The emphasis of Apollo is to provide customers with as many options as possible.

The Apollo Options

Apollo offers both disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes for their customers along with 17 different flavors. In addition, Apollo also gives their customers the option of using pre-filled or blank refillable cartomizers so that their customers can save money by doing their own refill, a nice touch considering that most e-cig companies are phasing that out.

The Apollo Standard Starter Kit

While Apollo provides a number of starter kits of various prices to fit a wide variety of needs, their standard starter kit is still one of the most popular and it includes the following products;

  • 1 Personal Charging Case
  • 5 Cartomizers
  • 1 USB Battery Charger
  • 2 180mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 1 Mains Adaptor
  • 1 PCC USB Charger Cable
  • 1 Apollo 500-Puff Disposable E-Cig

This is certainly an impressive and complete starter kit, especially compared to kits from other electronic cigarette companies. The starter kit itself is nicely packaged and easy to use. The Personal Charging Case or PCC is shaped in the form of a traditional tobacco cigarette pack. The cartomizers themselves along with the batteries make for a convincing looking product that is neat and very clean.

The Apollo Variety of Flavors

The electronic cigarette itself comes with the aforementioned 17 different flavors which should be more than enough to provide the variety needed for most anyone. From classic tobacco to cherry to coffee, mango peach, rocky road and more, the flavors themselves are quite nice indeed. Furthermore, the amount of nicotine can be ordered as well, meaning that for those who want to eventually quit smoking they can step down their nicotine use gradually.

The Apollo Performance

Taking around 90 minutes to charge in the PCC, the convenience of this product really shined. The PCC itself can charge up to 10 batteries if needed so that you will never run out during the day. However, it must be noted that charging up the PCC will take 7 hours.

Overall, the performance of the Apollo was quite nice as it was easy once everything was charged to “vape” all day long without having to worry about having a power source nearby. The e-cigs themselves were quite responsive and were simple to use. We were very impressed with the combination of overall performance with the choices that Apollo offers to its customers in terms of flavors and ways to refill the cartomizers.

One quibble was that the flavors themselves, apart from the striking vanilla, were just a bit bland. We could easily taste each flavor, but we feel they could have been a bit stronger although such concerns can vary from customer to customers.

Overall, the Apollo electronic cigarette gets high marks for its great packaging, wide variety of flavors, ease of use and long lasting batteries. This is certainly one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. Save money when you use the Apollo E-Cig discount code above!